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Making the Shift To Solar Panel Power

Making the Shift To Solar Panel Power

By Anne Marie Moro
Photo credits: Shift Energy Group and GAP Publishing Group

reduce energy with solar panels
homeowners at Bear Mountain decide to shift to solar panels to offset their energy consumption

Who isn’t looking to reduce the hydro consumption required to heat and cool their home?

So it was with the residents of a Bear Mountain home who had been looking for alternatives for some time. They had already implemented every conceivable adjustment recommended by hydro experts to reduce their bill. Nothing worked. Year over year, the rising cost of hydro outstripped any energy efficiencies they adopted. They wanted a viable, permanent solution.

They had been solar energy enthusiasts for some time. However, as solar panel installation costs started to drop and the technology became more efficient, they realized that the opportunity to invest in a solar-energy system for their home was quickly evolving into a more economical alternative. They decided an investment in a solar-energy solution could save on their energy costs, increase their home value, and be their contribution to a more sustainable future for generations to come.

The homeowners were also impressed with how the appearance of solar panels had evolved aesthetically with edgy designs to match and respect roof and home designs. It was a dark day in early January when the Shift Solar crew arrived to install what would be one of the first solar energy systems on Bear Mountain. Everyone was elated to see a New Year solar resolution for 2020 come together on their roof.

Since then, a solar-energy app has been collecting data on a daily basis to track how many Kw the system generates, even through the rainy, foggy days of winter. So far, so good!

By the end of March through to October, their 4KW system should be producing an excess of energy—enough to accrue about a 29% yearly hydro savings for these homeowners!

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