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Making New Year Resolutions Possible!

Making New Year Resolutions Possible!

Anne Marie Moro
Anne Marie Moro, GoWestshore Editor & Publisher

“Cheers to a New Year
and another chance for us
to get it right!”

—Oprah Winfrey

I made lists of New Year goals and resolutions over the years, but I always found the fade out of enthusiasm and lack of results more painful than the original condition I was trying to improve. Over time, I learned to make small adjustments for much better outcomes!

Staying Authentic
One distinct, and very dated, memory I have was how I use to redirect my goals to match what my friends were doing in theirs. I accepted their preference to hang out with the same old crowd, for instance, by changing my mind about what I wanted to do in my free time. Essentially, I was living a life that was not authentic for me at all. It lasted longer than it should have, of course, but eventually, I moved away from it because it didn’t make me happy. It taught me a huge lesson, too: the less I accommodated myself to others, the more likely it was that I could remain true to my goals and what was important to me.

Keeping It Small
Also, I learned that many of my earlier goals were too huge and close to impossible to achieve. Things only improved once I scaled back from a big goal, like eating healthy, and breaking it down into much smaller steps to manage over a much longer period of time—like years! I made sure to celebrate the tiniest of milestones along the way, too! it keeps me focussed. It allows me to correct and continue throughout the year, rather than give up.

Check out the feature story on our West Shore Mayors. It’s a great example of individuals setting goals, over the longer term, to get things done for their community. Find out what they have to say on that topic—and more—it’s quite revealing!

All our best GoWestShore wishes for a healthy, happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2019 from GoWestShore

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