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Message from the Editor, 
Anne Marie Moro

Anne Marie Moro,

“All you need is love.
But a little chocolate now
and then doesn’t hurt.”

—Charles Schulz

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner—and, arguably, one of the most romantic days of the year—planning something special for someone you love is a highly anticipated, pleasurable ritual. With so many wonderful chocolate selections, the options to kindle romantic ambiances with it are endless.

There are some things in life that just naturally go together—no questions asked. Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. Birthdays and candles on a cake. Yet is there anything more universal than the pairing of romance and chocolate? Is it romance that drives chocolate cravings or the addictive taste and sensory properties of chocolate that drive romantic desires?

Given the mysterious properties and exalted food status of chocolate, I am taking a stand for chocolate as a romantic instigator. (See ‘The Amazing Properties of Chocolate’ on page 27, if you don’t believe me!)

To boost the profile of chocolate and romance in this issue, we’ve selected like- minded people, events, a romantic photo contest and decadent desserts to help set the mood.

Here is an enticing preview:
Romance and chocolate go hand in hand as far as Chef Toivo Heyduck is concerned. Meet this ‘Flavour of Chocolate People’s Choice Award’ winner and discover the remarkable role chocolate has played in his life and his award-winning cuisine.

I had a conversation with Joan Jackson, founder of Soroptimist International of Victoria Westshore, about their remarkable initiatives— including the ‘Flavour of Chocolate’—that benefit the lives of women and girls right here in our community.

A Love Affair with Music—a beautiful musical interlude with Steven Green, Dean at Victoria Conservatory of Music Westhills.

Eat Dessert First! Seductive chocolate recipe and flavours designed to encourage a significant uptick in chocolate consumption on the West Shore this month.

All in all, a delicious way to journey through what we hope will be the final few days of winter. Enjoy the moments!

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