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Looking to 2019 with the Shamrocks

Looking to 2019 with the Shamrocks

By Gareth Gilson

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Although planning for the next season starts the day after the last season, January is the perfect time to look at the year ahead and get ready for the Home Opener in May. Back this month, Shamrocks’ Head Coach Bob Heyes, Captain Matt Yager, and top goal scorer Rhys Duch talk about their plans for 2019.

Matt Yager: “I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions; if I do, they don’t last. Though I do usually make fitness goals a month or so after the season ends and my body has recovered. That is kind of my reset for the year.”

Rhys Duch: “I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions. But this year,getting and keeping my Achilles healthy is the goal!”

Bob Heyes: “2019 is a big year for the Shamrocks. We are celebrating our 70th season, and have a lot of exciting things planned as part of it.”

Yager: “We have a good group of players who are all hungry this year.”

Heyes: “I usually only make one resolution a year, and it’s the same one every year: to bring a Mann Cup championship back to Victoria.”

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