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Look What I Made!

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Look What I Made!

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The urge to build and create things is profoundly human. There’s something irresistible about being creative with materials—either to build something functional and tangible or just being able to freely design something. It’s totally engaging and soul-satisfying.

It helps us to relax. We learn to value and appreciate the tools we use in the endeavour. And once our project is complete, we have something to show off for all that effort; something unique in all the world, because we made it with our own hands.

This month, Lee Valley’s ‘Finds Page’ has been expanded to offer you an assortment of ways to re-engage your creative side. Recruit family members. Experience the joy. And take heart; every kit comes with a detailed instruction sheet. (Just make sure you use it!)

Contact information, hours, seminars and more about Lee Valley Tools is on their portal listing page on GoWestShore.

Visit Lee Valley Tools for a wide selection of kits and creative fun!



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