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Light Up Your Life!

Light Up Your Life!

By Maria G. Uriegas-Leupelt, RID, IDIBC, IDC,

Owner of Sunlight Interiors
By Maria G. Uriegas-Leupelt, RID, IDIBC, IDC, Owner of Sunlight Interiors
Sunlight Interiors Livingroom full of light

Do you remember when illumination was a small fixture in the middle of the bedroom ceiling and table lamps sat on end tables next to the couch in the living room? Well, if you’ve been exploring model homes recently, you must have also noticed that all of that has started to change for the better!

Today, illumination is much more than “enough” light so no one trips walking through or into a room. Illumination as become much more than a superfluous or luxury feature. It has become an important element that is often overlooked—even in some new homes—but, an element especially lacking in older and character houses. Good illumination is there to support the activities of each space. It allows us to read, play, and entertain. It creates moods, showcases architectural features. It adds “sparkle” to your interiors.

LED technology has made the usage of additional lighting very affordable to install and operate. Today we can be extremely creative with new designs, including retrofits. Whether your home is an original 1910 or a brand-new jouse, good illumination is not only possible, it is also affordable and can be handled to respect the original architecture of the house.

After a full assessment of your needs, we like to draw up a plan with you to arrive at the optimum solutions for your individual project. It’s especially important to select an electrical company used to working with consultants. We use Lawrence Kimber with JKL Electrical.

We look for the perfect temperature of light; how warm, how cool, how much brightness is required to showcase wall finishes and furniture at their best. Then, we layer your illumination and specify dimmer switches as required for applications. Layering the light may include all or most of the following:

  • Recessed Lighting: Can be installed even where there is no space in the plenum, because the new fixtures are very shallow and easy to accommodate.
  • Indirect Lighting: Can be incorporated into ceiling, cabinetry, or wall features.
  • Chandeliers: Used wherever the light source needs to ‘drop’ down closer to the floor space, as is the case in dining rooms or vaulted foyers.
  • Wall-mounted Fixtures: Can be either indirect or surface mounted.
  • Step Lights: A safety feature to light up your stairways at step level.
  • Recessed Floor Lights: Useful for purely decorative effects.

Please give me a call if I can help you create effective lighting solutions for your home.

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