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Life’s Magic Elixir!

Life’s Magic Elixir!

Message from the Editor, 
Anne Marie Moro

Anne Marie Moro,

“Music gives a soul to
the universe, wings to the mind,
flight to imagination, and life to

—Plato, Philosopher and Teacher

In past issues, I’ve investigated how the diversity of community activity and landscape in the West Shore makes it such an amazingly place to live, work and play. They’re easy themes to explore and even easier to find things to do once you get there!

This summer, I set myself a stiffer task: I set out to capture the spirit of music in our community. What started me on this quest, initially, were comments made by musicians I’d interviewed in past issues. Each one, at some point in the interview, credited their school and music teachers for developing their interest and talents.

So, I began by fixing my attention on the administrators, music teachers and community resources that prepare children for life beyond the classroom. I chose people for whom music is a passion, who have positioned music right smack in the centre of their lives and, brilliantly, into the lives of children and youth. I came away from every interview emotionally moved by the energy and commitment I found there – not least of which was the realization that capturing the spirit of music was going to be very hard to pin down and describe.

Once I completed all my interviews, I thought I was done. So, imagine my surprise when I visited Belmont Secondary School later in June and heard the grade 12 sax and grad ensembles in session. It was then that the full power of what we are accomplishing in the West Shore hit home. I don’t have words for it. Look for school music events in our upcoming Community Events pages so you too can experience it for yourself.

Enjoy your summer—and take in all the music you can!

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