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Let Mother Nature Know We’re on Her Side!

Let Mother Nature Know We’re on Her Side!

Anne Marie Moro, GoWestshore Editor & Publisher

Anne Marie Moro,

"Style is not about
how effective you are,
it's about HOW you
are effective.”

—Robert Benton,
Writer, Film Director

I’m guessing once you read the cover theme was ‘Style and Trends’, you expected this month’s content would be all about new style and trends to watch out for on your next shopping trip. Look, I love shopping; I
love exploring new fashion trends; in fact, I still have girl friends who won’t shop without me.

But this month, to change it up a bit, I thought why not broaden the definition of style to include trends that won’t fade away before the next issue gets published. After all, most of us know how to shop, right? And I’m thinking, most of you could probably locate, and actually buy, more stylish, trending items online in an hour than I could display in this magazine for an entire year.

So, in this issue, our stories are about people who are shaping their enterprises around deliberate intentions; they want to make a difference in the world. They are aligned with Mother Nature and the future, working on issues, like climate change, that will affect us all. These are the real trend setters, contributing things that will still be relevant and important years from now.

Ambitious? For sure. Happening here in our community? Absolutely. That’s why it’s so exciting!

This month, you’ll meet World Tree founder and CEO, Wendy Burton. She has spent the last 17 years of her life promoting the economic and environmental benefits of the Empress Splendor tree, a tree whose amazing attributes could very well be a solution for global carbon emissions.

Then, there’s the new 21st century-equipped Centre for Environmental Science and International Partnership at Royal Roads. The university is pushing at the traditional boundaries of education to facilitate practical research in environmental sciences that will impact communities throughout Canada.

And of course, what’s a style and trend issue with at least some ‘must-have’ info about cannabis and essential oils!

More than enough to keep you buzzing with excitement!

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