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Landscapes to Remember

Landscapes to Remember

Message from the Editor, 
Anne Marie Moro

Anne Marie Moro,

“Horses make a landscape
look beautiful.”

— Alice Walker, Author, Poet

Canada has some of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes in the world—and we here in the West Shore have our own bountiful share of beautiful spaces. Everybody experiences different kinds of landscapes, whether that be in an urban or rural setting. The kind of landscape you grew up in can’t help but live with you throughout your life. As an urban dweller, I don’t feel that I experienced that close an attachment to any particular roads or buildings that were—and are to a lesser extent now—a part of my neighbourhood. But, as a child, I remember being very impressed with the CNE Fairgrounds with their grand pavilions, grandstands and the cobbled-together midway cubicles. (The prize-winning variety of farm animals and warm-off-the-grill ice cream waffle sandwiches also left an indelible impression!)

I do, however, remember natural landscapes making more of an impression on me; my first sighting of the sun lowly settling into the Pacific Ocean, a flock of seagulls pacing their flight alongside the ferry’s upper deck on route to Vancouver Island, and the wild cry of an eagle swooping into the stream at Goldstream Park to pluck up fading, migrating salmon.

Nature and natural landscapes, all on their own, have a way of embedding themselves deep, deep in your memory.  How fortunate we are to live so close to it all.

In this month’s issue, you can read about people who feel the same:

Meet a woman who reinvented her backyard to create a magical garden oasis that she shares with her Sooke community and beyond.

Meet an international composer, arranger, producer and musician who built a ‘Tree House’ music studio in the Highlands to hear birdsongs that often inspired his compositions

Even our Master Chef contributor at Camosun College is creating tasty vegetable landscapes with his culinary students!

Check out some of the new urban landmark landscapes in the works in the West Shore, too: Gold-plated shovels hit the ground to start construction of the Belmont Residences: seven buildings in six stages over five years; and the opening of a worldclass rugby training facility in Langford.

Wherever you live, find landscapes that speak to you and enrich your life.

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