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How Does Your Garden Grow?

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Artisan's Garden
By Gwen Fisher, Owner of The Artisan’s Garden, Sooke

By June, we are able to enjoy the outdoor living space we have worked so hard to create and breathe in the blooms.

Artisan's Garden Outdoors Market

Fresh lettuce from our garden is on our menu and the rest of the veggie garden is beginning to show promise. And at The Artisan’s Garden, we get to help new gardeners plan and prepare, learning from our experience and knowledge.

The one thing I love about this industry is everyone wants each other to succeed. On Saturdays, my husband Ed, visits the Sooke Country Market by the brewery on Otter Point Road. He regularly asks farmers questions to help our own vegetable garden along and they are enthusiastic to help. If you don’t grow your own food, we highly recommend you check out your local farmer’s markets.

Be sure to visit the Sooke Night Market located on the Sooke Region Museum Grounds on the corner of Sooke and Phillips Roads held every Thursday. Vendors include fantastic artisans, fresh veggies, food trucks and more. The Artisan’s Garden is a hive of activity with pop-up markets fuelled by local creativity in all aspects of art. Enjoy ‘Artisans in the Garden’ at our place each Saturday and Sunday. It’s a great pleasure spending weekends with such amazing artists.

While in Sooke, check out our local shops, restaurants, meadery, breweries, distillery, beautiful beaches, as well as our wonderful Sooke Region Museum. Sooke is a real treasure, and we look forward to your visits.

We hope you avid gardeners who spend countless hours working in your gardens take the time to relax and enjoy your space. After all, isn’t this the ultimate goal?

Discover Sooke’s most charming and delightful garden oasis and artisan marketplace.
Please visit the Artisan Garden portal listing here on GoWestShore for all of our contact information.

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