2018 Horoscopes

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Introduction to the 2018 Annual Horoscopes

The overall tone of the year is shown in the broad strokes of polarity and element emphasis. This means that of the two polarities which are active and passive and within those the four elements fire, earth, air and water, the passive or feminine polarity will feature strongly this year.

Each polarity and element is measured by the number of planets transiting at any one time which changes throughout the year. If many planets reside in positive signs when they eventually move into a negative sign there is a release of energy much like static electricity. The same goes for negative to positive planetary shifts. Over time the charge between positive and negative energy builds up and is released.

Often planets are more comfortable in one element than another and whether it is a move for good or not depends on the individual planet and the new sign it enters. The day a planet enters a sign is potent and the effect can last a week or two.

Polarity Emphasis

This year starts with an emphasis on the negative polarity. The passive signs are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. These signs are more reclusive and absorptive. The passive or feminine signs are either earth or water. The passive sign dominance is only broken early in the year by Uranus in fire until May when it too steps into an earth sign.

The three earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn and mid year these three signs have the tenants of Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter and Neptune are both in the water signs of Scorpio and Pisces respectively. This brings in the other feminine element. In early November the biggest planet leaves water and slips into its home fire sign Sagittarius. It is at this time that the earth/water element grip eases somewhat and fiery inspiration will again take place.

There are no outer planets in air this year at all. The dominance for the passive signs shows a shift towards responding or reacting to situations rather than being dynamic and active. Elemental shifts are slow and over the years they change the tone of the background of the astrology for each day of the year.

There are soft aspects with Jupiter sextile Pluto, and Jupiter trine Neptune as well as Saturn trine Uranus. All the major aspects between the superior planets are in passive signs. We see no hard aspects from Jupiter outwards which again reinforces the passive nature of the background energy. To create some drive this year you need to wait for the Sun, Moon and inner planets to pass through air or fire signs.

Personal Planet Retrogrades

Mercury’s retrograde periods occur in the three fire signs. This brings triple hot spots to the year during March/April, July/August and November/December as the fire element is emphasized. Venus also retrogrades from a water sign to an air sign and draws in some much needed Libran balance again in November. Mars retrogrades from a light air sign back into an earth sign which happens around the end of June for the whole of July and into early August.

Passive Dominance

Overall 2018 will be a year that promotes the female over the male and the passive over the active. This is a twelve month period for absorbing what was ejected on a cosmic level in previous years and reflecting on choices made last year. The mood will be to be more inclusive and accepting than ever before.

Financial markets will be slow and growth will mainly be in the collective. Big business will not see expansion but the independent contractor will rise to be huge over this time period. As the smart phone establishes itself as the tool of the age more older people (over sixty) will drive commerce as they get online in larger numbers than ever before.

Multi-tasking will start to decline as the rise of the specialist will begins to dominate. Specialization requires focus and empathy. To be an expert you need to stay in your lane and stick to what you know. This year you need to own your niche because to be a Jack-of-all-trades will not work this year.

If you do have more that one string to your bow then establish yourself independently of each one to maintain the expert tone for your brand. For example, if you bake cakes and want to sell you baked goods to a store or start an online business you have to tighten your specialization. Don’t just bake everything, bake cakes. Don’t just bake cakes, bake lemon cakes. Be the ultimate resource for lemon cakes. Take control and own lemon cakes so tightly that you are it. When someone thinks lemon cake they think of you. Of course you can use this analogy to anything you do, be it manufacturing widgets or providing services. Know who you are and be that person.

Saturn as Taskmaster

Daily rituals and chores will dominate the big picture. Be aware of details and timing. The planetary timekeeper Saturn is in its own sign of Capricorn and is the final dispositor for much of the year. This means that Saturn will have the ultimate say through its attributes. The ringed planet is big on discipline, fair pay for fair work, taking responsibility for oneself and mastering skills. Achievements will come for those who deserve them. You have to pay your dues to benefit in a year when Saturn dominates the chart for most of the months.

Saturn also rules clocks, watches and time. Take your time and pick your moment this year. There is a time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to reap and a time to sow. Saturn rules old people as they have experienced their second Saturn return.


This year will be quieter but there is more going on under the surface. People will be living privately and doing wonderful things in their own homes. Those on the fringes of society will have a better chance to grip their footing and build themselves a better life. Immigration will become an issue to be properly addressed as countries find new ways to home thousands of people seeking an improved existence elsewhere.

The feminine will be prominent. Love will be a strong theme and acceptance a given. Food, clean water and being nurtured will improve for everyone as the desirability for care and consideration for others becomes the norm. Broad cultural changes will be brought about by this year’s planetary placements.

2018 Annual Horoscope for Aries

Mar 21-Apr 19

Broadview for Aries

2018 continues the theme for Aries created by the two heavy, powerful and influential planets Saturn and Pluto of stimulating your public domain and career sector. This will further develop the trend of remaking your professional life and in this year particularly for establishing some continuity as well. Steady achievements can be made and you will be able to firm up your goals as this year unfolds.

You can continue to reinvent yourself until your have the public persona for which you are striving. Living in your truth is the way to go. Others may discover that you are deeper than the things for which you are known. Your reputation can be reformed and rejuvenated this year. It will be revitalized and transformed to conform to the popular image you project at work and may bring depth and intensity to your outside interests.

Saturn in your public domain asks you to slow down and build boundaries between your private self and your life in the public eye. Discretion is good now as the general populace does not need to see all the nitty-gritty of your existence. The lucky planet Jupiter passes through your receiving sector in the main part of the year so gifts, legacies or an inheritance are likely. Joint enterprises will bring benefits. You can expect to see gratitude from others and broader access to your partner’s resources.


The first week starts with a strong career emphasis. You can focus on establishing your profession and doing what you really like. By the third week of January you will have friends and colleagues joining you for team building get-togethers. Until January 26th Mars shows a focus on others and business so sort out insurances, policies and shared resources before you get burnt. This is a time for elective surgery and scar or tattoo removals. By February 18th things start to slow down a bit and you can rest up for the big push that comes soon.

Both of the inner planets Mercury and Venus enter your sign on March 6th which adds lots of stimulus through communication and the financing of what you want. Spend on yourself jazz up your look or a new haircut. At the equinox on March 21st be ready to make your move and kick-start your year.

As the Sun illuminates your life let your truth shine through. Be yourself and people will be attracted to your vibrancy and energy. Between the end of April to mid May there will be lots of purchases and buying and selling. Begin to trade and get rid of all unwanted goods that are lying about. You can also plan to make some significantly big investments now. During May schedule a mini-break or at least a weekend away. Courses taken now will benefit you and the instructional nature of classes will satisfy your inquisitive mind.

The New Moon in your sign on April 15th brings a seed moment for you and if you are going to start anything then this is the time to do so. Get your plans in place and move forward after the New Moon. On April 24th Chiron enters your sign for the first time in fifty years and will be influential for all Aries people for the next seven years. This heralds a change in your confidence and approach to life. You will learn about your inherent strengths and weaknesses. This theme will develop slowly and bring greater insights by the end of the year.

On May 15th Uranus will leave your sign having influenced your life for the past seven years. There will be some relief and you may even feel a void as the large planet moves onwards into Taurus. Changes in your genius, thoughts and physical self will have been made and you may feel the pressure is off for a while.

By June 21st the spotlight shifts to your home and family affairs. Spend time with those who supported you as a child and when you were growing up. Try to get back in touch with your roots and appreciate where you come from. By mid July your creativity zone is stimulated and this could be that start of a love interest or at least some light flirting. Of all the times in the year this month strongly indicates you may fall in love or even fall pregnant as the juices flow and fun time abound.

After August 23rd it will be back to the daily grind and your work life will take precedence over fun. Be prepared and make any adjustments necessary to make your job easier. This could mean changing offices or getting a better position at work. Your environment and even the way your desk faces could be modified.

Your partnerships and significant other is a feature from the third week of September. If you are single you may tie the knot, and if your are committed, your relationship will become more harmonious as your life with each other matures. When the solar light is in Libra it is often the best time of the year for Aries to marry. In the third week of October the Sun enters your zone of secrecy and brings hidden support for you from your fans. This help could be in the form of promotion in the background and if you lobby others beforehand they will know your intentions and so can speak, or vote, at the right moment on your behalf.

On 8th November Jupiter bounds into your philosophical zone and brings you an elevated view to religion, foreigners and publishing. Opportunities will present themselves for growth in your general outlook. The Sun brings more energy to stimulate Jupiter from the 22nd of November when travel and new horizons will call. This is a good time to embark on eco-tourism or you could plan to teach languages afar. On a more home view your attitudes will become further liberal as you start to question ridged principles that no longer work.

The last week of the year closes off with a slower feel and you will withdraw a little to assess the achievements you have made this year. Now you can consider finding a mentor for the following year and hatch your strategy to reach your goals for 2019.

2018 Annual Horoscope for Taurus

Apr 20-May 20

Broadview for Taurus

The big change for Taurus this year is on May 15th when Uranus enters your sign for the first time in eighty-four years and for many of you this is the first time in your life. Uranus will bring unpredictability like never before. You will find yourself double guessing and suddenly seeing things through new eyes. The best way to deal with this upheaval is to be relaxed and go with the flow although that can be very difficult for steady Taurus.

Your continuing search for knowledge and understanding is supported by the two planets Pluto and Saturn in your comprehension sector. Although you have experienced the power of Pluto here for several years the new part is Saturn the ringed planet bringing its energy to bear for you now. If you ever felt like going back to college to start or finish a degree then this is the year to do so.

Friends will continue to be either inspirational or become elusive with the mystical planet Neptune in your social sector. You can be duped and led astray by well meaning associates and you need to ask yourself if these things truly serve you and if not then resist them.

You one-to-one relationships, and any business partnerships, can experience a lucky turn for the most part of this year and then at the end of November Jupiter returns to its own sign of Sagittarius


The year starts for Taurus with the glimmer of a plan. You may have some ideas that you want to bring into your life for this year. It is a good time to thrash things out with all and sundry before January 21st when you can tell others and open up about your ideas. Not everyone will be thrilled with your notions but they will begin to see you in a new light.

The days after February 19th will be spend with friends and you can make new friends easily now. Go where people congregate and especially places where they talk about things that actually interest you rather than a general get-together. Find your tribe who speak your language and love what you love. Bonding with like-minded folk is the way to go this month.

The vernal equinox on March 21st heralds a time for Taureans to take it easy. This is your month for some down time. Now you can retire from life for a while. Don’t be out and about or plan big parties as they will fizzle out like a damp squib. Rather go with the universal energy and almost lay fallow so your can recharge and rejuvenate yourself. Spend time getting a massage or other therapy sessions to soothe your body. If you choose you can do a twenty-four hour fast or try a cucumber cleanse for optimum physical health.

In April on the 24th Chiron enters your twelfth house which will bring a yearning for understanding and even a deeper look into spiritualism and its healing powers. You may feel compelled to go to the aid of others and step out of your comfort zone or to help someone special who is in need.

On May 15th the New Moon is in your sign and this provides a fresh start for all Taurus people. If this is your birthday or the day before or after you will reap the benefits for the whole month. This can be in the form of feeling better all round and having a lighter approach to life.

From May 22nd your money life will become a focus as the stars bring your earnings to light. You can see clearly what you are worth and may feel the urge to make hay while the Sun shines. Be confident that you will be paid what your value is now.

In the summer from June 21st your life will be more about the other people who are in your area. Your neighbours and brother and sisters will want your presence at their places. Your local school could ask you to support them and make an appearance. This could be in the form of attending an event or other community discussion instigated by a local celebrity at the venue.

The four weeks that follow July 23rd are when you can spend more time with your family and entertain in your home. Plan a reunion or other get together.

After August 24th take a break or have some fun with your children or other young people. Celebrate life and appreciate the creativity that you have inside. If you are not normally expressive with colour or music then try something new and arty this month.

At the equinox on September 23rd you will have days filled with many activities on your schedule. Getting healthy meals and enough sleep will be a challenge this month because of your crazy appointments. If possible start the days with meditation or yoga and calm your mind so your body can keep up. Get in the fresh air and walk off the pressure of your intense workload.

From October 5th to November 16th your ruling planet Venus is retrograde and this will be a time in the year to slow things down. Don’t plan vacations, home renovations or buy a new car. This is a time to pause and consider your next move. Romances can be a challenge now as your partner will not be feeling the love. The other pain point could be money which will not flow easily for Taureans now. You will still get the cash but after mid November when the restrictions have been lifted. Unions with the love of your life can be engulfing. You can feel stifled now. Make sure to not state and wide reaching decisions about your love life, marriage or announce a separation. Let these days pass and then consider carefully what went down.

After November 23rd the intensity builds for donations either for you or from you. Consider all requests for money and time but choose carefully as what you offer others now may become a regular thing. You can easily set a precedence for giving and that may not be what you really want.

At the last week of December the mood again shifts and you can spend your days planning for the future. You will feel inspired to do more next year and this is the perfect time to mull over your strategy and to broaden your circle or vision in 2019. There is no rush to decide but the process of contemplation will be good for you. Spend New Year’s eve with all your options open.

2018 Annual Horoscope for Gemini

May 21-Jun 20

Broadview for Gemini

As the two heavy planets Pluto and Saturn pass through your secret zone this year you could be drawn to ask for support for things in your life. This is a year for others to vote for you and provide you with behind-the-scenes backing. Angel investors will look on you favourably this year and if this suits your plans you can raise money this year.

Your career is still variable and in flux. There is a strong art and music flair from Neptune in your professional sector. If you are so inclined you will be able to promote your business or career with video, images and sound in some way.

Gemini people will feel the effects of the three Mercury retrograde cycles this year mainly in fire signs which occur in your money, work and career sectors. This means that you will have moments in 2018 to reevaluate your career path and what you are trying to achieve through your actions every day and in what you actually do and earn.

This year your work will have growth as Jupiter passes through your day-to-day sector and brings good things for you, if not even more tasks and projects that you will be happy to take on. Watch out for overextending yourself at work.

On May 15th Uranus enters your solitary area and this will stimulate your quiet zone. There will be more excitement but on a spiritual level. You may become immersed in the occult or attracted to meditation practices.

Towards the end of November Jupiter enters your committed partnership zone and this will bring offers of marriage and promises for you, not only at the end of this year, but well into 2019. An uncle may introduce you to someone special so be on the look out for that.


On February 19th the limelight is on your career and reputation so make sure they are shiny and honest. What you do in the next four weeks will go with you for the rest of the year. Any notoriety will stick at this time so watch out for anti-you sentiment or gossip. This is a good time to promote a business or to get your career prospects under your boss’ nose. Put yourself on the spot and stand tall.

From March 23rd to April 15th Mercury is retrograde in your social sector. This may mean delays and cancellations of get-togethers. Any groups to which you belong will not be able to move things forwards. Dates and times of events will be changed or postponed. After which your social circle will alter as Chiron moves into your friendship sector on April 24th. You can expect to attract friends who need your help and those that you can indeed assist in some way. Close associates are likely to lean on you and look to you for guidance.

May 22nd sees the Sun lighting up your sign and this signals it is pertinent that you to step up and shine. Put yourself into individual spots of goodness and tell others you true tales. Documenting your journey and how you got to where you are today will be a good idea this month. Others want to get to know the real you so be authentic and honest.

The New Moon on June 13th will set the stage for you to begin new projects or to even reinvent yourself. Check all bios or writing about yourself personally and make sure the facts are correct. Disabuse any lies or untruths now or they will follow you all year.

The solar eclipse on July 13th is in your financial area and brings Gemini a new monetary start. Make budgets and plans to manage what you have and consider ways to earn more. Sell off your junk and convert unwanted goods into cash. This is the month to raise currency and bank the money. It is not the time to spend and borrow more. Perhaps you could teach the kid next door maths or do other income generating activities in you neighbourhood.

From July 26th to August 19th your planet again reverses but this time in the area of life of brothers, sisters and cousins and they may become difficult. This will also affect your commute and your may need to make alternate arrangements. Weekends away and other day trips may attract delays and missed connections. Give yourself enough time to get to where you are going.

After September 23rd you will be happy and want to spend your time doing leisure activities. This can include going out and about to movies, plays, events and galleries. You will be inclined to find life fun and be upbeat for most of the month.

The tone sobers up as the Sun warms your day-to-day life area and you start to pay attention to the little things. Being prepared and tidy will go a long way to make you smile this month. If you are not normally organized then this time will be refreshing to say the least.

Between November 17th to December 6th there is a slow down in your leisure zone and fun sector. Continue to plan entertaining events but don’t organize any parties during this time. Any risk investments will be retarded now. If you must trade choose to short. All betting and gambling will be unproductive now so avoid visiting the casino.

On November 8th as Jupiter enters your relationship zone your partnerships will receive a boost. This growth spurt will last for twelve months and offers you many opportunities to find a soul mate and settle down. In a way there may be too many suitors at once. Make sure to seek a promising partner above a flashy one. You need someone with whom you can navigate life’s journey and hold their hand.

After November 23rd you will turn to your life mate and if you don’t have one yet you will actively seek to find someone to love. This is the starting period for you to become a couple and is supported by the Sun and Jupiter.

2018 Annual Horoscope for Cancer

Jun 21-July 22

Broadview for Cancer

This year you may get serious about marriage or take your relationship to a new level as two planets Pluto and Saturn get together in you wedlock area. This can be a transformational year because of the powerful urges to become a pair. Prenuptial agreements will be essential for any marriage in 2018. They say, “All’s fair in love and war” but those saying it this year are the others and not you. Do not let love and lust overpower your equitable fairness.

Business partnerships will also be on the table and you may be tempted to sign on the dotted line or merge with someone else for commercial activities. Whilst this is a good time for contracts do make sure that you are represented by fifty percent and not more or less. The danger can come from unequal distribution of power and this may not be in your favour.

This year your career will take a new turn as on April 24th Chiron enters your public domain and status sector. Now you reputation needs to clearly reflect who you are and the time to, “Fake it till you make it” has passed.

In mid May Uranus shifts into your friendship sector and this is a comfortable place for new and trendy associates to spend time with you. You could meet many younger people and begin to use tech stuff for your social life. This is a strong theme for Cancers and do not underestimate the reach of the internet and how it can bring people to you.

With arty Neptune in your travel zone you may be drawn to casual adventures in foreign lands. They can be very inspirational and develop a side of you that mostly lies dormant. Find the time for creative pursuits when you are out and about. Enjoy movies and immerse yourself in all things from other cultures.

With the optimistic planet Jupiter in your fun zone for the most of the year you can live large and enjoy yourself like you haven’t for a long while. This will probably manifest as living life to the full and being more carefree about the little things that can bring you down. Optimism is big for all Cancers in 2018.


For Cancer the year begins by concentrating on your partner and their needs. This can be a challenging time for Moon ruled people as marriage can be instigated now. If you are not sure say so but if this is the love of your life do not hesitate to unite.

On July 13th the partial solar eclipse will give the Moon ruled a boost as this is one of the times every year when the Moon dominates the Sun. The month that follows will be good for Cancerians. This eclipse is at the north node in Cancer and anyone that you meet that week will be influential for you in the future. Cancers should always pay attention to solar eclipses and especially ones in your own sign of the crab.

On July 27th the total lunar eclipse in your financial borrowings and owings zone suggests you will feel unsure about your debt levels and may decide to do something more to alleviate them. The emotional ties to stuff bought on credit is waning fast.

The August 11th solar eclipse again brings you back to life and affords you a moment to improve your earning and address the pain of money owed from last month. After July 23rd you should be well on the way to better wealth this year as your coffers fill up and you curb emotional spending. Buyer’s remorse is a real thing felt by Cancer people and it can be avoided. Find comfort in other ways than mindless buying.

By the equinox in September the shift is towards your home and family. This is the time to cook a good meal and have your relatives around to reconnect. This is a good moment in the year for Cancerians and you should use it well. Feel blessed taking care of your family and remember where you came from. Joint memories can be a powerful bond.

On October 23rd get out and party. Be active in the day and enjoy the sunshine. Do fun activities and go to concerts and swim or boat. Organise things that you like to do and not what others want for you.

After November 28th Jupiter moves onto your work area and you will get more into your daily activities. Now you can gain better health through improved diet and exercise rituals.

In the last week of the year you can once again focus on your partner. Make plans to spend time together and do couples things. If you are single you may meet the person for you. Due to the Sun’s placement in late December most Cancer people often have someone on their arm going into the New Year.

By the third week of January the focus is on taxes and insurance matters which are not very exciting topics but an inevitable part of life. Get organised and ahead of the money you owe to others. Make plans to repay all commitments so your year can be free from worry.

After February 19th the emphasis shifts and now you are inclined to reach further and broaden your view. This is a time for formulation of philosophies and ideas that you will use next month.

At the solstice in March you can concentrate on your professional life and build some mastery into you career. Plan a path that will lead your to the place you want to be but let it be open-ended. Try to protect yourself at the same time make noises about how the direction you want you career to go. Cancer is a mute sign and sometimes it can be hard to formulate the words to say what you want.

2018 Annual Horoscope for Leo

July 23-Aug 22)

Broadview for Leo

All Leos will feel the energy and excitement as Uranus steps into your career sector and brings your reputation to the fore. In business you can start to relate better to the younger generations and embrace all tech stuff even if you are scared of it all. This happens from May 15th onwards. If you were thinking about starting a business this will be a time for formulation of the concepts and the abstract thoughts required to bring things together.

Powerful Pluto is still in your work sector and Saturn joined it in late 2017 to provide you the structure you will need to craft the working life and career that you want for all of 2018 and into next year. Skills you learn this year will help you in everyday life. They can be soft skills as well like being nicer and working on your customer engagement in a deeper way.

The big planet Jupiter brings energy to your home life and there can be many comings and goings in your house this year. New family members may join and some young people or older folk may move on. You may decide to change house or renovate because you need more room.

Neptune continues to bring some confusion to your partner’s income generating ability. Insurances for loss of earnings may be considered and taken up this year. The unsure and fragile state of life will be something to think about.

After the end of April you have a chance to explore the realms of philosophy and travel for mentoring. This may manifest as you travelling, teaching or giving back to your larger community. Your sensitivity is coupled with healing energy and you can help yourself and others as Chiron enters your knowledge based zone on April 24th.


The year starts with a focus on daily activities and the housekeeping of your life. Organise your days to better reflect who you are and take the time to give yourself space to laugh, create and love.

On January 31st the lunar eclipse is in your sign. For one day before and after it will be a time for inwards looking which does not sit easy with confident Leo. Use this period to pause before you strike forward in the year.

After February 19th for four weeks you will be concerned with some money you owe or the amounts your partner has amassed. Youu may wish to reassess your will or other life and death paperwork like insurances and endowments. This is the time of the year to donate blood if it suits your religion and principles.

At the equinox on March 21st go on a vacation or take a mini-break. Explore the possibilities and read good books that expand you views. This is not the moment to be huddled up at home but rather to get into the great outdoors.

On April 21st your planet enters your professional zone and your reputation comes under the spotlight. If you are worthy you will receive accolades or credit for past work projects now. You could be invited to be the figure head for a group or represent business in some way.

From May 22nd you will find much joy in being with friends and in the company of like minded people. Reach out and find your tribe.

On June 21st at the solstice it signals the month when Leos need to rest up and be reclusive. Your natural drive for the limelight will diminish now and you are best served by being at home and curled up with a good book or researching your next move. Take care to recharge and be ready for the big push which will come next month.

As the Sun enters Leo it is your time to shine. Get up, dress up and show up all month. Promote yourself and your interests now. This is not the time to hold back but to be honest and straightforward with your opinions. Others may cringe but you are what you are. If you seek personal branding or want to take the spotlight then your moment has come.

By August 24th it is time to move on to acquiring what you want this year. Be clear and don’t waste your resources on frivolities. Any financial negotiations now will be in your favour.

As the seasons change you can expect some frustrations because your planet is not well-placed by sign from September 23rd for the next month. This is a time to spend in your neighbourhood and stay close to home. Contact your brothers and sisters and other family members of your own generation like cousins as you will be well received by them now.

October 23rd brings the focus onto family matters and there could be people leaving your home or moving back in. Expect to have to accommodate relatives and be the one the family looks up to now. Plan a family reunion this month or at least entertain them with a barbeque at home.

When the largest planet moves into Sagittarius on November 8th it will stimulate your funny bone and you start to love life again. By this time the hard work and accomplishments you have made earlier in the year will let you cruise a little to the end of the year. Thus making the silly season lots of fun for Leos.

After November 23rd it is your time to be generous with others. Go to parties and shows and enjoy life. This time is more about being out and about at sports games and enjoying life than the home entertaining of last month. Get gifts for others and present them with pretty wraps and bows.

Get all of you end-of-year parties over by December 22nd after which time the mood shifts to practical issues. You prefer to be quieter at Christmas and New Year and spend it with those who have been, “The wind beneath your wings” all year. Acknowledge the role your people play for you and be generous of spirit.

2018 Annual Horoscope for Virgo

Aug 23-Sep 22

Broadview for Virgo

For Virgos 2018 can be a turning point year romantically. For those already in a relationship it may get harder to love the one you are with due to restriction they place on you. The flip side is that if you can stay the course then the rewards for this union will be substantial. Unattached

Virgos can look towards meeting prospective suitors who are older or wiser or in some way further up the social ladder than you are.

As Neptune continues is travels in your partnership sector it keeps things a little fluid and you may not really feel sure with your partner. This is a feeling you have had for a while now and the combination of Saturn and Neptune triggering romance will be more acceptable and things will become clearer to you.

During this year you can expand your knowledge in a big way. Growth can be had in learning and education or even taking a short course to brush up on your interests.

All Virgos are ruled by Mercury. There are three times this year when you have to step back and review your life. This appraisal will cover the three areas of your life containing the subjects of; how your family provides support, how others assist you and how your help yourself. Broadly the theme is for you to acknowledge those who do support you and not for your to take them for granted. If you have been assuming too much from other people recently this year will afford you the chance to rectify things and rebuild these special relationships.

On May 15th the exciting planet Uranus moves into to stimulate your philosophical and travel zone. This will probably result in you taking unexpected trips over the next few years. Even excursion plans that you make will be disrupted and you need to travel light and not be bogged down with baggage.


The New Year dawns with a focus on your roots and where you came from. You may look back into you lineage history and climb into your family tree. This enquiry will have been triggered by the seasonal events over the previous year end.

From February 19th for four weeks is a good time for Virgos and their partnerships. If your relationship has taken a serious turn then your may consider making a romantic gesture and blend your homes. Create any business partnerships now and sign all the paperwork. The public announcement will come in May. If you plan to marry later do the prenuptial contract now as well.

From March 23rd to April 15th you will have your nose in work. The daily tasks that you set yourself should focus on reworking what was done before. Rather than starting something new go back and review all your work and check the data thoroughly. Numbers and translations can trip you up.

Chiron enters your “money from others” zone April 24th This will be the start of a time for healing of financial woes. You may carry much debt and now you can see the validity of paying people back for all they have done for you. You could even go the extra mile and give as much as you borrowed to help others in your situation. This can be a humbling time as you pay back your loans.

From May 22nd onwards is the best time for all Virgos to start a business in 2018. If you have been toying with the idea of going public with something which you have been working on afterhours, or in the garage, then this is the moment to announce it to the world.

Your team and group activities will be in the spotlight from June 21st. All events done as a cluster will benefit you now and you do not have to go it alone during the period. Know who is on your side and get cosy with them. This is the time for “United we stand” to be the Virgo watchword.

From July 26th, during the second Mercury retrograde period, you may have some doubts about your ability. You could be kept awake a night and spend the wee hours thinking things through, planning what to say and how to word conversations. Avoid communications if you can and keep your own council. The time will come to speak your mind but it is not now. Write things down and relook at them after August 19th when you are thinking clearly.

On August 24th your sign is in the spotlight and you are there too. This is not an easy place for Virgos to be but you will get by. Perhaps you wish to stand up for yourself and now is the moment. If you want to put your name to something then wait until September 7th when Mercury joins the party.

You will benefit from earning good money after September 23rd when the Sun illuminates your income generating area. Use this time to negotiate better hourly rates and other fiscal related benefits like time off with pay.

As the year draws on you can be more relevant in your community and make an impact in your local neighbourhood. During the month after October 23rd the planets offer you the ability to contact all the people who live and work nearby. This may mean more for some Virgos than others.

The days and weeks after November 23rd are the best ones to enjoy time with your family. Take a few afternoons off work and be there for them. Your parents and others really just want some of your time and you can spare them some now.

From November 17th to December 2nd Mercury is again retrograde and this time you need to focus on the foundations of your life. This means going back to your roots and honouring those who were there for you and what they have done. It is a time to know that you did not become what you are today without many people helping along the way. This is a good time to change your name from something casual to one more respectful of your heritage.

From November 28th you will have the opportunity to find a new love or merely a flirtation. You will probably have a beautiful person on your arm at the end of year New Year’s Eve party.

2018 Annual Horoscope for Libra

Sep 23-Oct 22

Broadview for Libra

Home and family continue much the same as last year as Pluto is in residence but now in 2018 you will draw the line on family members who are asking too much either of you or others in you family like parents and kids. This is as Saturn’s energy is brought to bear. You will put a stop to hemorrhaging of your family’s vital life forces. Anyone being a bully towards, or within your home, will be curtailed now.

Your working life continues to be a bit of a mystery and you may start to think of changing jobs. If your did take on new work last year it could be challenging to keep it going and you perhaps will want another one. This is the nature of Neptune in your work zone. The grass always looks greener on the other side and only once you are in a position will you really know. Do what you think is right and ignore the comments of others.

When Chiron enters your partnership sector on April 24th you are likely to consider marriage. Do be careful as the person you choose may be needy and ask too much of you. Know your limitations for healing others and don’t rush into marriage now. If you are already married or in a committed relationship it may come up that there is an unbalance of power and you are doing all the support for your spouse without much in return. Know that this is a phase and will eventually pass but it could bring you to the brink of a decision.

There is a strong financial flavor for Libras this year that begins to build in April and reaches a peak from May 15th onwards. This is as Uranus enters your joint financial sector. You will be surprised about what your spouse has and owes and what your commitments are to creditors and banks. Later on your finances will have the opportunity to grow as you begin to value yourself better. Do all your Christmas spending before November 28th or you may face the end of the year learning a lesson about overspending.


The year starts for Librans with home and family matters taking precedence. Finding any peace in your own home may be an issue. Decorate a special place for yourself and make it your own.

From January 21st you are attracted to getting out and about and you will love entertaining people with your elegant appetizers and sparkling conversation. If this seems too much throw a little soirée, cocktail party or dessert party for your fans.

By the third week in February the fun will cease as your get back to work. Your daily rituals can go a long way to support a good working day. You can prepare your clothes the night before and get enough beauty sleep to see you though this busy month.

Your partnership sector is illuminated for March 21st when you view the love of your life through rose tinted spectacles. If you are dating someone special this is a good time to make a commitment to them. If you are single there will be moments when you see your soul mate and they may be something different to what you imagined. Get real and speak to genuine prospects. You are confident in romance now.

After April 21st focus on your joint finances and help your partner face the reality of their situation. If you are constantly being asked for a loan see it for what it is. If you keep lending consider if you are enabling them into debt. This month you see borrowed money for what it is so use this time to improve your life. When Uranus brings its energy to bear on this issue you will wish you had got a grip on your partner’s debt and your own lines of credit beforehand.

After the Sun enters Gemini on May 22nd you can plan for a better future. You will enjoy some travel or other cultural activities. At this point you are still in the planning stage of the year. Choose what you want to do with your life and take steps to make it happen.

During August and September it sets the stage for your planet Venus to let you live in all your Libran beauty. This can be a fragmented time but the energy of the planet of beauty and harmony in your sign of balance and fairness cannot be underestimated.

At the equinox the Sun enters Libra and brings light to your life. Plan to spend this month doing outreach and network with other to improve your life. You can harmonise with the Earth and see beauty in simple things. It does not need to be a grand gesture but an appreciation of natural beauty.

Venus moves backwards from October 5th for six weeks which will be a time for a slower pace for Librans. Use this time to reassess your life and your love life. Find peace in your financial affairs and make the necessary adjustment to how you live. Do not start new jobs, relationships or get married in this time frame. Let Venus shake off the retrograde period and then things will be lovely again.

November 23rd shows you will be attending to money issues be they too much or too little. The best way to handle this period is to balance your budget and don’t spend what you don’t have. You may receive a one-off bonus cash injection now.

Wait until November 16th when the reins are released and you can get back to normal before your start to spend.

Do all your seasonal shopping and entertaining between November 23rd and the solstice. Remember to thank everyone who was there for you all the way down to building caretakers and service people. Get the decorations up and all the preparation work completed before December 22nd .

On December 22nd stop work and go home. Give all your attention to your family and those living in your house. They want to see you as well. Spend the end of year activities in the comfort of your own home and languish in the knowledge of being welcome.

2018 Annual Horoscope for Scorpio

Oct 23-Nov 21

Broadview for Scorpio

Romance is excited for all Scorpios as the crazy planet Uranus enters your marriage house on May 15th This will bring electricity and a frisson to the partnership. You will try new things and meet new people together. You could become a weird couple and that’s ok with you. This year you do not need other’s approval on your choice of mate.

Relationships with your brothers and sisters will take the strain this year as transformation of these relationship will occur. The planet Saturn brings formality to these people and you may find the elder sibling, be it you or them, will become almost like an advisor or at least to be someone to be admired.

Your romantic life will continue to be warm and fuzzy and that is how you like it now. This is due to Neptune passing through your area for dating and flirting. These may not be serious relations that develop but rather several casual romances will happen throughout the year.

The year starts with your personal growth strongly represented and this will continue until November. You can tap into Jupiter’s lucky streak and this will affect you personally and any identity profiles. You can be lucky if you do things on your own and unencumbered by others this year. Inner growth will be strong for most of the year.

From November 8th the expansion planet goes into your money sector and brings you good to great earnings and cash. Financial improvements will continue for Scorpios well into 2019. This is a year of feast and not famine for your finances.

For those Scorpios who work for others in a regular job you may fade into the background as this is not the year to draw attention to your work. Concentrate on your daily rituals and add meditation or prayer as you feel inclined. During 2018 work on your inner man or woman.

Healing ills and repairing weak bodies will be a theme for a while as Chiron enters your health zone on April 24th. Take care and step up supplements if your feel so inclined. Any physical weaknesses from the past may rear their ugly heads again this year. If you do catch a chill don’t ignore it or dismiss it at nothing. Your health needs careful curation this year. All will be well if you look after yourself properly


As the year starts from day one to January 25th you are faced with growth options and there is likely to be a moment when you decide to take another life path. This can be due to vast options or possibilities opening up for you. To know what to do first may be your only problem.

Around January 21st pay attention to your home and where you live. If things are becoming untenable make a move and find a better place to reside. Alternatively spend time decorating the space you live in to more closely reflect who you are. Clear the junk out and bring in some life to your space. Place things around that are truly you and choose the colours and art you like.

From February 19th you can ease up the pressure and enjoy life a little. Spend time with your kids. Make time in your life for play and this can be adult games as well. Amateur dramatics may call you and can they be fun as distraction at this time. Just don’t take life too seriously now.

April 21st brings planetary energy to bear on your partnerships and serious relationships. This is a time to start a grown up relationship and to search for a life mate or spouse. Marriage will be on your mind now.

Your debts may be called around May 22nd and it is important that you are up to date with any repayments to which you have committed yourself. Don’t stand surety for others or provide collateral for someone else’s loans. This can be a delicate time of the year for your finances. Pay cash when you can and avoid running up more debts.

At the solstice take a trip or at least plan a holiday away. You will pine for far away places and may decide to go on the spur of the moment. This is not like you but the energy drives. If you cannot get away reach out to others who have done so and bask in their enjoyment of other countries.

After the Sun passes into your public sector on July 23rd you can stretch yourself and what you are known for. This is a good time to launch a new career or start a side business. If you want to promote yourself or your skills in some way this is the time to launch an advertising campaign or awareness promotion.

You will be inclined to attend groups and clubs in August and meet new people. Not necessarily for friendship but to be where the topics you like are being discussed. Your interests can be many and there will be a wealth of events and get togethers near you that could have appeal. Don’t let boredom creep in this month.

Scorpios will be lucky from September 5th to September 17th as the largest planet Jupiter brings huge benefits for your ruling planet Pluto. This is a chance to grow and flourish like never before but you will not be pushed into anything as the opportunities will present themselves and it is up to you to pick and choose as your see fit.

The focus from September 23rd will be on resting and recharging. This is the time for Scorpio to get enough sleep and to spend your time in contemplation and reflection about how your life is going. This is not the stage to start something new as that moment will come soon, but it is when you should be re-evaluating and getting back to your core. Know who you are and be that person. If you have been doing things that are out of your nature then stop these habits now. Any self-destructive behaviour can be curtailed this month with better results that at any other time of the year.

On October 23rd the solar light warms your sign of the scorpion and bestows illumination and creativity into your life.

November 23rd brings vigour to your values and you will have good self-esteem. There will be no need to buy things to assuage weak self-confidence and you will be happier when you resist spending on frivolities. Invest in other ways like reading good books and have meaningful conversations with intense people.

2018 Annual Horoscope for Sagittarius

Nov 22-Dec 21

Broadview for Sagittarius

As heavy Saturn stimulates your earning area you will finally be paid what you are worth. There can be some delays in getting the cash but when it comes it will be because you are worth it. Do not underestimate the strength of Saturn to control your finances this year.

As the elusive planet Neptune languishes in your secret sector this year you will be concerned with growth of your spiritual life and taking care of things behind the scenes. Fill your psyche with good things and experience meditation as a long-term health option.

In 2018 Sagittarians will find that work gets crazy as on May 15th Uranus enters your daily grind area. You will find new and innovative ways to do your day-to-day activities, chores and you may even go temp if that appeals to you.

When Jupiter goes into your sign of the archer in late November you will experience a surge of growth and expansion. You can confidently step onto the stage of your life and play your part. You can develop in many ways and will be lucky for twelve months from this time.


As the new year dawns, you are off the mark sharpish and until January 25th the planets bring a powerful start to the year for all Sagittarians. This is the time to purge unwanted things from your life and to embrace the best of your ideas and visions

Late February sees you concentrating on home life and it is time to make sure all is well at home and that your family will support you as you go out and live your life. Everyone needs a support system and for archers it could be an extended family group or just your parents. Knowing someone is there who believes in you is often all that is needed.

After the solstice in March is the start of your fun time for 2018. You can enjoy life and spend warm days doing what you love. You are optimistic and feel good. Take walks and hike in the woods. It is a good time of the year and not much will get you down this month.

When Chiron enters your creative sector on April 24th it signals a time for you to give extra time and love to your children and loved ones. You may be called upon to help youths or younger people overcome their problems. Your role is to be there and listen and not judge. Empathy for their plight will be a strong theme for you now.

From around May 25th to June 13th will be two and a half weeks of harmony and you will find support. Sagittarians practicing spiritual enlightenment will have the chance for broad understanding. This is a fluid and easy going period and should be enjoyed.

From June 21st for four weeks you will be aware of what others expect from you and what you have to give them in return. This can be an eye opener as you realize your debts to others. This is the time when people call in their markers and you get to pay up. If it is your spouse calling the shots it can cause some tension in your relationship. You may be cited as not pulling your weight and avoiding commitments.

From July 23rd can be when you sign up for a new education course or enroll in a summer school class. Any further knowledge classes started now will be good for you. If you are at the end of a course and exams loom you will probably do very well. This is a good time to take your driving test or get your pilot’s license.

During the two middle weeks of August the energy shifts again and there will be relaxed and fun insights which can spark you to strike out on a new journey of the soul. For instance, you may be inspired to travel to India or learn other religious teachings.

Your career will take center stage in late August and this can be a time for a new career path or a promotion. You could receive accolades or other honours and respect now. If you have been planning a career move this is a good time to make a change.

The days between September 5th to September 17th herald a second time this year for archers who will have the support and votes of powerful people. This can seem like sheer luck but with closer inspection you may see the movements in the background as some people provide their support for you.

From September 23rd you may wish you were somewhere else. Spend time with friends and colleagues and participate in a group of like-minded people who know your story. To discover community in an unlikely place has its benefits. If your life is off track and you need group therapy then this is the time to seek it. By the same token you can be a friend or sponsor for others now.

Your down time of the year begins on October 23rd as the solar light streams into your darkest zone. Spend your moments doing everyday things and don’t start anything new. Attend to any niggling health issues that you have been ignoring. This is the time to light up the dark corners of your life for examination. Take your time and decide what needs to be fixed. You don’t have to do everything at once. Plan what to do to improve yourself.

On November 23rd the Sun lights up your life and you can be whole again. Be true to yourself and honest with others.

After December 22nd you can dash out and do last minute shopping for the silly season and find bargains that reflect your values. The year ends with you perhaps spending more that you thought but everyone is happy.

2018 Annual Horoscope for Capricorn

Dec 22-Jan 19

Broadview for Capricorn

This is your year as your ruling planet Saturn went into your sign in the last few days of 2017 and now will be influencing your life over the next two years. This is the year for all Capricornians to live and enjoy life. Your planet is now full in control in your sign and you will epitomize the true attributes of the sea goat. This movement signals the start of two and a half years of strong self-awareness and personal ability. You can be the master of yourself and can now stand tall.

If you are younger than thirty it can be a time of coming of age and if you are older than thirty you will stand up and brush off the burdens that others have laid on you and push back to be yourself. There is something very commanding about a person standing in their truth and this year it is the Capricorn’s time.

For most of the year the planet of opportunity Jupiter will reside in your friendship sector bringing you good vibes with get togethers both of a corporate nature with business associates and with your social circle. You could meet someone in a social setting who will change your life for the better.

Neptune resides in your area for community and commuting and thus you will continue to find fluid ways to get around your neighbourhood.

The unusual planet Uranus will spend the first four and a half months energizing your house and home zone bringing change and variety to the question of with whom you share your home.

After May 15th Uranus enters your creativity sector and new romances may flourish. You could get very good a flirting and even attract a lot of romantic interest and this will be the case even if you are committed to someone else. Dalliances may even become the norm over the rest of the year.

When Jupiter goes into your private sector on November 28th you will find the end of the year not quite as exciting as the beginning. You may be torn between being lively but the call will be to tone things down and spend more nights at home. This is a time for spiritual reflection and to listen to your inner voices.


Every year starts with the Sun in your sign and this has much to do with the Capricorn method of planning a diary or scheduling events in the year. You like to look forward and organize your life.

Your earning capacity will be a focus from January 21st onwards and you may earn more than your thought. It is important to not fritter now although Capricorn seldom does. Invest in good art sculpture, clocks, fossils and artifacts to build your collection this month.

After February 19th the spotlight shifts to your local community. If you are interested in politics you can lobby your constituents now. Get out and about and take a mini-course at the nearby college.

Hearth and home will call you from late March. You may be considered an elder in your family even if you are still young. Take the mantle readily and know that the others can’t do it that is why they chose you. Rally your family and build the bonds with them. You may buy real estate this month to add to your property portfolio.

In the four weeks after April 21st you will let your hair down and enjoy life. For a Capricorn that may still be a little staid but this is the time of the year to throw a party. You can invite others to a nice restaurant and share your generosity and time with them. In this way your home will be saved.

You home will be a focus from April 24th onwards when Chiron enters Aries and stimulates the need to repairs and rebuild your nest. This could be in the form of renovations or more serious defects could be discovered. Preventative maintenance for roofs, gutters and chimneys is advised. You family will need your help as well and you can draw on your life lessons to teach others some interesting facts.

Moving towards the middle of the year and late May is the time to get the work done. If you employ people let them speak. If you work for someone else now is the time to be heard and if your are thinking of starting a small business then get your strategy sorted out now. You may need to change your working day to find the time in an evening for your other work but it can be done.

At the solstice on June 21st and the weeks afterwards focus on your partnerships. If you are single you could get serious about someone now. If you are married you will be comforted in knowing each other so well. This is the moment to form a business partnership and sign the relevant papers. Any mergers or company acquisitions promise solid returns. All legal agreements will likely go well for you now. Strike while the iron is hot.

From August 21st to September 21st there will be much excitement for Capricorns as your planet gets a good contact from the exciting planet of change. This means that the rules will be relaxed a bit and the limits for your dormant rebellious nature will be tested. You may seem unpredictable for a brief time and others will be amazed at what you get up to. After this month passes you will go back to your old ways but there will be a spark burning inside you that was not there before.

From October 23rd you can make new friends and associates in group settings. People you know will introduce you to friends of friends and this contact can be beneficial for you if not right now then later.

The third week in November signals the start of your quiet month. This is a time to take care of yourself and heed your inner voice. You may wish to contemplate your life and listen to others who could offer you guidance. This is the time to find a thought leader and to hear their message. Prayer is and option as well.

2018 Annual Horoscope for Aquarius

Jan 20-Feb 18

Broadview for Aquarius

Your planet Uranus is changing signs this year from Aries to Taurus and this means more change for all Aquarians. In 2018 from April onwards will be a time to take your life onto a surer footing and shoring up the foundations. You will probably move home and start afresh if that is your desire.

The nagging fears that you are not good enough will continue in the back of your mind but this year the heavy planet Saturn will bring some form to any fears so you can almost see your hesitation and in doing so overcome. You will learn that there is nothing to fear except fear itself. Coupled with this the dreamy planet Neptune is in your area related to self-worth which continues the theme of uncertainty.

For all Aquarians the continuing presence of Pluto in your secrets sector will be formalized by Saturn there for a couple of years. Over the course of the next two years you will be able to build something of value and it may be done in private. This could mean simply being less available for all and sundry or it could imply that you will construct something through research or by spending more time immersed in books, art or in other places where collections of things happen.

Jupiter is still strong in your career zone and will provide endless opportunities but you still need to carefully decide what is the one for you. There may be more than you can deal with at once so the knack will be to choose wisely.

Jupiter will bring gravitas to your social life from November 28th and the Christmas season promises to be lots of fun. Your social calendar will be bulging with events, openings and escapes to be selected. Enjoy the opportunities offered and live it up at the end of the year.

The subdued planet Chiron moves into your school and study zone on April 24th. This can play out as you helping others by sharing your knowledge or you could be called to give a talk or guide others forward through your knowledge and experience. If giving advice is your habit then this will bring it forward so you can reach many more people.


On January 21st the Sun enters your sign and brings light to your life. You can stand tall and be yourself. This is always a good time for Aquarians and the energy brought this month will invigorate you for the whole year. Get out and about and live life to the full.

The solar eclipse on February 15th is in your sign of the water bearer. This brings the energy of the eclipse home for you. If your birthday is the day before or the day after it will also affect you strongly. This eclipse is at the north node and this mean you will be focused on the future and where you are going. Any people that you meet on these three days will have an impact on your life. Pay attention to casual contacts which can grow to beautiful relationships.

After the third week of March you will be busy in and around your area. There may be short trips and errands that have to be run which will take much of your day. This is a month for small and varied events and a weekend away may break the tedium.

On April 16th your planet Uranus is enmeshed with the New Moon in your group area. This brings a hot spot to your social life and you can expect invitations and new people to meet around that time. Aquarians typically have many friends to start with but if truth be said most are acquaintances.

Fun times can be had after May 22nd when the Sun lights up your entertainment zone. Go to parties, sports events and live concerts. Have exciting events and don’t forget the kids as well. This is a wonderful time to spend doing creative pursuits and having thrills.

After June 21st the tone sobers up and you can get back to work. Your daily habits will be rewarding and you will find work enjoyable. If you are thinking about changing your job this is a good time. You can also start a side job this month as well.

On July 27th the second eclipse this year in the sign of Aquarius brings more focused energy to bear on your sign. The total lunar eclipse is more inwards looking than the earlier February eclipse. The mood is reflective and you can tap into feelings as the Moon is covered by the Earth’s shadow. This is a longer lasting eclipse in time but the effects will be around six months for Aquarians. If your birthday is before the day, on the day or on the day after this eclipse you will have six months ahead of you for more inner contemplations. People from your past will come forward at the eclipse and try to influence you again. Be circumspect and choose carefully those you allow to feature in your lives. You left them in the past once before and they may not have a place in your life now.

During the four weeks from August 21st to September 21st you will experience a time that is slower and it is like the brakes are on. This is not the time to start things anew but rather to consolidate what you have achieved and to acknowledge the progress you have made. Trim all fat now and shore up your strengths. You will know where you are strong and where you are weak. You do not have to be everything to everyone so be one thing for yourself. Draw a line under this time and move forward lighter and leaner.

During November your planet reverts to the previous sign for the rest of the year. This will afford you the time to reassess your life and make plans for the following year. Take this time to say good byes to people and places that no longer serve you. You know in your heart of hearts what has to be done.

2018 Annual Horoscope for Pisces

Feb 19-Mar 20

Broadview for Pisces

In early 2018 there will be some financial upheavals but your money will settle down after Uranus moves on into Taurus on May 15th. The focus will then be on getting information and tapping into your community to provide you the necessary clues for your life. The internet will become a bigger driver for you to meet people in your local area and share information and go where they know your name.

Your ruling planet Neptune continues to be placed in your personal zone bringing you closer to the meaning of Pisces and all it entails. The sympathy, empathy and care you have for your fellow humans will be your strength this year. Being psychic or having flashes of inspiration will be the norm. If you are a poet, artist, writer or musician you can continue to develop your personal brand and make yourself known.

The big planet Saturn enters your friendship sector and lets you find solid friendships and community now. Although Pluto has been in residence for many years your social life will be curtailed somewhat and those you feel are not really friends you are likely to completely cut out and sever the wound as they go. If your friends and not worthy you will dispose of them this year.

Your traditional ruling planet is Jupiter and this year the expansion is closely related to a career move that can change your life. There will be opportunity to make you mark on the world. When you start a new business this year think global and raise you eyes to the horizon. Do not limit yourself but build in portability to any enterprise you launch later this year in December.

Your feeling of not being quite good enough will lift as Chiron moves from your personal life sector to spend time in your money area as Chiron enters Aries on April 24th. This shift will make you more careful with spending and there could be increased giving to charity or causes that interest you of both your time and money. You now see the value in altruism.


On February 19th the Sun enters your sign and brings life giving light and love. You can now stand in your truth and be yourself. It will be reinforced when the solar globe stimulates Neptune around the 4th and 5th of March. People born on these two dates in any year will receive a boost of pure Pisces energy enough to sustain you for another year. Pisces can get a bad press from the other bossy and pushy signs and this year you can embrace the double fish symbol for yourself.

On March 21st your finances will be in the spotlight. This can be a confusing time for Pisces and you will do better with some help. Get real about your spending and appreciate what your have. You don’t have to buy everything you see. Saving money is not a sin.

The Sun brings a warm feeling to your home life. Take the time to enjoy your family after May 22nd. Build bonds with your family members by sharing meals, memories and good times together.

From May 25th to June 13th you will be attracted to religious exploration and appreciation of arts and culture as your two planets Jupiter and Neptune connect in the best way. You could become more aware of tolerance for diversity, metaphysical systems and esoteric practices.

As we move just past the middle of the year and after June 21st gear up for some fun times. You will be in a party mood and looking for a good events. Organize outings and music concerts.

After June 23rd your life will again slow down as the daily grind once more takes over. Make sure you are in the right job and if not you can benefit from brushing up your resume or CV and schedule interviews this month.

From August 11th to August 25th it is a time to get in touch with your creative side. Allow new impressions to colour your life and be open and aware of others and their dreams. Give yourself time to fantasize and you never know where the trail will lead. Every journey starts with the first step and this a good time to begin yours.

In the four weeks after August 24th highlight your romance and love life. This is an excellent period to find a relationship that touches your soul. Faint heart never won fair maiden and you need to get your interest known. If you have someone in mind then speak up this month as the planets support your relationships now.

After the equinox on September 23rd you will be viewed favourably for a loan or a mortgage. The other reality may be that you become a lender yourself or you are asked to stand surety for someone. Be wary of these requests.

Plan a break or a little holiday for after October 23rd and choose a retreat where you can learn something whilst being away from home. Not every escape has to be in a night club and you will enjoy a back to nature place with perhaps a morning of art or music thrown in.

From late November the focus is on your reputation and how others see you. If you have crafted a beautiful public persona or worked hard to promote yourself in a positive way this will become public knowledge now. Your bosses will recognize your efforts and the responsibilities you have taken on to further your career. If self-employed this is the time to go public.

Take a break from business in the last week of the year. Make time for friends. Spend your time appreciating those who have stood by you this year and give thanks to them. Little gifts from the heart or a delicate candle will be well received.

As a Pisces you have to try hard to not be pushed around by others. It takes time to understand how you really feel or what essentially matters to you yourself. If you find you are being swayed by persuasive people stop and take a moment to think about what you are doing.