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Helping Your Garden Grow

Helping Your Garden Grow

Artisan's Garden
By Gwen Fisher, Owner of The Artisan’s Garden, Sooke

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July has arrived along with the challenges of mid-summer garden beds, planters and hanging baskets. Here are a few tips on how we keep things fresh and healthy at Artisan’s Garden. I’m not a horticulturalist, just a passionate gardener with some basic advice for novice gardeners. For example, I did a demonstration to a couple on how to transplant their rootbound annuals by ripping off those twisted roots at the bottom. Obvious to those who have been gardening for a while, but this couple was thrilled with the new information.

Usually by July, summer blooms have finished their show and it’s time take charge:

• Cut away dead blooms leaving only the foliage

• Dead head regularly to keep things looking fresh and healthy

• New plantings require regular watering the first couple seasons. Plant trees and shrubs in the fall so they have lots of rain to help set those roots in place.

• Buy a soil-testing kit to see if the pH level of the soil is conducive to your plants’ needs

• Always give your plants a great start by using a nice blend of compost, soil and sand. Once any plant starts to look sickly, research to see what is causing this. It could be as simple as adding iron or it may need to be relocated to a sunnier spot. I’ve moved a rhodo 3 times in the past 8 years and now, finally, it’s happy in its current location. Just don’t give up!

• To keep your baskets healthy, give them a hair cut to encourage new growth. Never let your baskets or planters dry out; sometimes, we water twice a day.

• Once a week, we fertilize our hanging baskets and planters to keep the blooms colourful and happy. Watch out for any products that can harm our bees!

Please visit the Artisan Garden portal listing here on GoWestShore for all of our contact information.

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