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OMG!? A Gigantic Leap Forward for Our Community!

Community Update

OMG!? A Gigantic Leap Forward for Our Community!

by Anne Marie Moro
Renderings and images from City of Langford

"It’s hard to think of anything this impressive in recent memory that even compares to it!"

Performing Arts Theatre proposed for Westshore
Closer look at the proposed 1,200 seat state-of-the-art Performing Arts Centre

OK it was kind of unusual to have a Council Meeting at the City Centre Grill on Tuesday, February 25; but, hey, this was a Langford Council Meeting and they told us they something BIG they wanted the community to know about.

They were right! It was a night with a number of huge, surprising announcements about planned future community projects that are coming to Langford. It’s hard to think of anything this impressive in recent memory that even compares to it!

Check out what’s underway:

The planned projects will be located on 4 acres of the City Gate property at 790 McCallum Road and include:

  • the Pacific Maritime Centre that contains a Canadian maritime museum,
  • an immersive planetarium theatre,
  • an observational light-house design sky-deck,
  • a 40,000 sq. ft. conference centre, 
  • a multi-story business tower which will be available for government or corporate offices, and
  • an adjoining approximate 1,200 seat state-of-the-art Performing Arts Theatre.

The estimated project costs are $87 million dollars—primarily funded through fundraising, tenant lease agreements and federal government infrastructure programs. Other recent expansion costs in the region look downright skimpy compared to the scale and scope of this community vision!

Well done Mayor Young and Council, partners and stakeholders! More fabulous details, updates and in-depth interviews related to all of this in our May issue. Stay tuned!

City of Langford proposes mega Performing Arts facility
Mayor Young and the Langford Council at the project unveiling.
Get Sh#t Done
A mug showing Langford's new branding, which was also revealed at the project unveiling.

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