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Get to Know Michelle

Get to Know Michelle

Finding Her Calling in the West Shore!

Interview by Emma Forster
Manager, Island Pet Source

By Emma Forster
Manager, Island Pet Source
By Emma Forster Manager, Island Pet Source

Pets have always been an important part of Michelle’s life, so when the opportunity came to take over ownership of her favourite pet store, Island Pet Source, on the West Shore in 2014, she jumped at it. After recovering from an injury and returning to her corporate career, she realized entrepreneurship was the best way for her to pursue her true passion of helping animals.

Michelle has always felt a strong responsibility to use her platform within the community for good and give back however she can. For example, the store makes efforts to support animal rescue organizations and local charities, whether through fundraising events or food donations.

Genuinely improving the health and wellness of animals is at the heart of what all the staff at Island Pet Source strive to achieve every day. We meet so many caring people in our neighbourhood who want the very best for their pets, and it is this caring attitude that speaks to Michelle’s business philosophy: success
comes from the heart. With this mindset, an amazing group of employees, and a lot of hard work, we look forward to the future and embrace the changing trends in our growing community.

Let us know how we can help. Please visit our Island Pet Source portal listing here on GoWestShore for all of our contact information.

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