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Message from the Editor, 
Anne Marie Moro

Anne Marie Moro,

“Of all the paths you take
in life, make sure a few
of them are dirt.”

—John Muir, Naturalist and Conservationist

At the risk of stating the obvious for those of us who live here on the West Shore, this month’s ‘Great Outdoors’ theme is a mindful moment of the extraordinary natural beauty that surrounds us. West Shore living means it’s easy to find and experience beauty day in and day out; and, because of the local climate, we can be outdoors almost all year-round. Even those who live in the centre of town realize it only takes moments to find your way to an abundance of diverse outdoor opportunities.

Whether it’s a love of hiking through interesting ecosystems, like woodlands or old growth forests, fishing, golfing, swimming, wind-surfing, sailing, or taking in a world-class sports events in open air stadiums, each of us can be inspired and refreshed by great outdoor spaces in our vicinity.

Of course, there are still people out there who think of the great outdoors as the space they pass through to get to their car! (Perhaps there’s enough of West Shore’s great outdoor spirit in this issue to encourage them further afield?)

Here are a few topics to explore:
For athletes, like the Rugby 7s women’s team, the outdoor playing field is where they train and practice five days a week. Discover what is making this sport so incredibly popular today and the analytics that keep them in world-class condition.

Find out how you can win 2 tickets to Rugby 7s HSBC World Series in May!

You can help open up 8 km of new water habitat for salmon in Millstream Creek in Langford. How great is that!

Check out our ‘Community Events’ pages for a list of spring camps for various sports happening this month, too.

“Go out into nature… it is our home. Feel the rain and wind on your face, smell the fragrance of soil and ocean, gaze at the spectacle of the myriad stars in clear air or countless animals making their annual migration. Doing so will rekindle that sense of wonder and excitement we all had as children discovering the world and will engender a feeling of peace and harmony at being in balance with the natural world that is our home.” —David Suzuki, ‘Restoring the Balance, the Sacred Balance’

Take care and get out there!

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