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This event finished on 09 December 2019

Comic Foundations Workshop

Instructor:  Audrey Greenlees

With Audrey as your guide, learn the basics of storytelling with these creative drawing and comic classes! We will cover foundational skills such as shapes, proportion, perspective, inking, colour, and shadow, with a focus on using those skills to draw comics. Students will start by creating short comic strips and may progress to longer stories if they desire; students will take home comic strips, perspective drawings, paintings, and a mini-zine. ALL Supplies are included in price of the workshop.

In this class you will cover:

Week 1    Basic Shapes and Story Structure :  Learn to draw Everything!  Supplies included: Paper, Comic Sheets, Pencils, Erasers

Week 2    Shadows and Perspective: Draw a simple one-point perspective scene, which can then be applied as backgrounds to your comics  Supplies included: Paper, Comic Sheets, Pencils, Erasers, Rulers, Ink Pens

Week 3:   Watercolour:  Use only primary colours to make a shole colour wheel; then use these new skills to paint one of the comics done in previous classes.  Supplies included: Watercolour paper, Watercolour paint, Paint brushes, Ink Pens

Week 4:    Make a Zine and Other Wrap Up:  Learn how to make a zine booklet out of a single sheet of paper and finish up any activities from previous classes.  Supplies Included:  Watercolour paper, Watercolour paint, Paper, Comic Sheets, Pencils, Erasers, Ink Pens, Rulers

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