End plastic pollution this Earth Day
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By Anne Marie Moro

“Take action to End Plastic Pollution
on Earth Day and beyond!”

Forty-eight years ago, on April 22, 1970, millions of people took to the streets to protest the negative impacts of 150 years of industrial development.

Earth Day has now become the largest civic-focused day of action in the world. This year, Earth Day is April 22, 2018 and will focus on rallying the world to end plastic pollution. The growth of plastics is growing exponentially and is so grave a situation today that it threatens the survival of our planet. Plastics are poisoning and injuring marine life, disrupting human hormones, littering our beaches and landscapes and clogging our waste streams and landfills.

In response, The Earth Day Network [EDN] Earth Day 2018 will be educating millions of people about the health and other risks associated with the use and disposal of plastics, including pollution of our oceans, water, and wildlife and about the growing body of evidence that decomposing plastics are creating serious global problems.

The goal is to change human behaviour about single-use plastics, using alternatives to fossil fuel-based materials, and promoting 100 percent recycling of all plastics.

It takes a community, let’s all do our part this year! Take action to End Plastic Pollution on Earth Day and beyond!

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