GoWestShore Magazine Nov/Dec 2019 E-Edition

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Uniting for Peace and a Sustainable Future

Like all UWCs, Pearson College is committed to a mission that was far ahead of its time, and yet is more pertinent today than ever—an educational force designed “to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.”

Perhaps due to its slightly, off-the-main road location in Metchosin, there is a misconception that Pearson College UWC is an elite private school for international students. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth.

A Healing Pathway to Hope

Grant McKenzie, Director of Communications for Our Place Society, told me about how dreaming big and hoping for the best set wheels in motion for ways the organization could help homeless men in our city. How the repurposing of a vacant youth detention centre in View Royal was achieved is truly inspirational. But, as you will see, that it all came together at all is a miracle!

Katsu Bowls for the Holidays!

The cacophony of another holiday season is just around the corner. What better time to have a few hot, nutritious meal ideas on hand to assemble, quickly and easily, in the midst of everything else going on.

A favourite of mine is a modern twist on Japanese Katsu bowls. This recipe is made with fresh ingredients and provides infinite variety for individual tastes. (So much better than the ‘bricks’ of starchy instant noodles, with their little packet of mysterious salty flavourings, found in grocery stores!)

A Passion for Sports

Some 15 years ago, the City of Langford set out to rebrand itself as the sport tourism destination in British Columbia. Already home to Golf Canada, Cycling Canada and Rugby Canada, there’s still lots more to come in 2020.

Look out for a new boxing training facility to house Boxing BC headquarters at City Centre Park. The facility will help build B.C.’s provincial boxing team as well as local competitive boxers—not to mention providing our local community with another great option for recreational fitness, health and wellness.

Community Co-opportunity!

Peninsula Co-op is well known for its generous contributions over many years to community support programs designed to strengthen local communities. Lindsay Gaudette, Marketing and Community Relations Manager at Peninsula Co-op, explained that despite the growth of Peninsula Co-op over the past decades, giving back has always been an integral feature of their corporate identity!

This Community Co-opportunity initiative with #GoWestShore lets us take it to a whole other level.

Something Special is Brewing at Royal Bay

One of the most common comments GableCraft Homes receives from Royal Bay residents is that they would love to have access to food and coffee services in their neighbourhood. The good news is that while planning and design of The Commons is underway, GableCraft is applying to the City of Colwood for approval of a temporary coffee and light fare establishment, outdoor seating and walk-up and drive-thru access, as well as a small food truck.

Working with Sequoia Coffee, a local partnership between 2% Jazz and Truffles Catering, GableCraft Homes hopes to have things in place in the New Year. It will be located on the southside of Latoria Boulevard at Ryder Hesjedal Way.

Inspired Holiday Food

Organizing menus perfectly tailored to accommodate unique events and culinary needs is par for the course when you have a catering business like Nicholas Waters has. Regardless of the season, he and his staff have to be prepared to offer different catering styles—anything from a traditional 9-course Chinese dinner to galas, fundraisers, cocktail parties or special family group events. “We have to be ready for anything,” says Waters. “It’s important to me that I offer all of the extra touches my clients expect from me.”

The Artisan’s Garden Back by Popular Demand

The Artisan’s Garden will be offering their popular wreath- making classes again for the holiday season on November 30, December 7 and 14. Gwen and her staff foraged extensively to find the freshest, most beautiful greens from their own garden, from friends’ gardens and from the Sooke forests all around them. As well, they have gathered a variety of unique embellishments and ribbons for the occasion, so you’ll have plenty of decorations to choose from as you assemble your creation. There’s hot apple cider and holiday baking on hand to sample as you work!

Community Taking Shape!

From the beginning, Crossing at Belmont set a new standard for rental living in the West Shore. With its unique blend of urban-meets-suburban lifestyle alongside the Galloping Goose Trail, numerous parks, lakes and outdoor spaces, it’s no surprise it has become one of Vancouver Island’s most anticipated rental developments.

This fall, Crossing at Belmont started welcoming its first tenants to their new homes. From comments received, tenants are super thrilled with their new condo accommodations. The combination of nearby family conveniences and modern finishes is what has impressed them the most.

A Fine Place To Build A Business!

Are you tired of wrestling through the Colwood Crawl? Shorten your commute and make your business part of a vibrant, family-friendly community in Westhilss, close to all the public and commercial amenities! Lease, build-to-suit and land purchase for commercial opportunities are available now. This neighbourhood is ready-to-go with room to grow. Bring your big ideas—the technological infrastructure is easy to implement.

Move-in ready Meridian Family Townhomes feature 4 bedrooms + family rec room and 2.5 baths. Prices starting from low $600s. Show homes are open daily 12 to 4pm. The sales centre is located at 2823 Meridian Avenue.

Miracles Happen!

It started off to be a work day like any other. I was collating stories for this issue, when unexpectedly, I realized I’d been an eyewitness to not one, but two, completely unrelated miracles.

It was an awareness that caught me completely off guard.

Before this, I never thought about miracles manifesting in my life; and, if asked, I would probably have said miracles are things that happen to really exceptional people, the kind of people who catch whatever life throws at them and who still keep working to make things better for others. It’s like they deserve miracles more, right? I also figured that miracles played favourites anyway, just like lady luck—and I definitely didn’t see myself on the short list. And I was ok with that.