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Look What I Made!

The urge to build and create things is profoundly human. There’s something irresistible about being creative with materials—either to build something functional and tangible or just being able to freely design something. It’s totally engaging and soul-satisfying.

It helps us to relax. We learn to value and appreciate the tools we use in the endeavour. And once our project is complete, we have something to show off for all that effort; something unique in all the world, because we made it with our own hands.

Create Your Own Holiday Wreath!

With the holiday season right around the corner, why not take advantage of the lull at this time of year to brighten up the encroaching winter season with a holiday wreath. One of the first things I like to do to add charm to my home is a fresh, handmade wreath for my front door. All the fresh foliage, berries, bells and ribbons always create something unique and truly magical every year. Let us show you how it’s done step by step.

Cannabis and Seniors Weighing the Risks

Expect Seniors to have questions about Cannabis, just like the rest of us! Yet, seniors are more at risk simply because of age-related changes that they are experiencing at this time in their lives.

The Coalition for Seniors’ Mental Health is studying to get a better understanding on how marijuana affects seniors. Unfortunately, not enough scientific research has been done to state categorically what the risks are.

Is Cannabis Oil a Natural Solution?

Learn about Cannabis for Seniors at Cherish Living’s Nov 2018 Lunch & Learn.
Our special speaker will guide you through questions like:
“Will cannabis oil take away my arthritis pain naturally?”
“Will I feel high? Will I see things?”
“Will I jump off a building?”
“Is ‘Reefer Madness’ real? What about eating it?”

Come get answers to your questions and learn more about CBD oil—a natural, non-hallucinogenic ingredient extracted from cannabis— that may work for you.

Cherish is pleased to introduce Katherine Walker as our keynote speaker. She is an accomplished professional who has used CBD products for 100% natural pain management to eliminate pharmaceutical drugs from her life.

Parenting in a Digital Age

Many of us have heard stories about online bullying and how devastating that can be for young adults and their families. Did you know that 1 in 4 teens are victims of online bullying? And this is not the only risk associated with online activities. At PCFSA, we hear many stories. The following story is an all too common one.

A Catalyst for Innovation & International Relationships

The newly-opened Sherman Jen Building houses the Centre for Environmental Science and International Partnership at Royal Roads University [RRU]. The Centre is pushing the boundaries of what a modern 21st century-equipped facility can offer students who want to develop rewarding careers in environmental science. State-of-the-art laboratories equipped to meet the needs of environmental scientists and digitally-integrated teaching spaces—including one outdoor classroom—will facilitate research and learning that will impact communities not only in BC, but throughout Canada.

Hot Spot For West Shore Style & Trends

From casual dining to dog care, from play to going away, Westshore Town Centre truly offers something for the entire (read: busy!) family.
We welcome you and your little ones to play in Victoria’s only shopping destination with a soft indoor play centre! The West Coast themed play centre will surprise and delight children of all ages, making this the perfect rainy-day destination.

The Joys of Drumming!

Drumming is great! I’ve spent most of my days drumming in the past 30+ years and I can honestly say, it’s been a blast! There’s something magical about drumming. I can’t really put it into words—although I’ve spent thousands of hours drumming. We do know that drum therapy has been used for thousands of years to create and maintain physical, mental, and spiritual health. Also, research and studies have shown that drumming induces deep relaxation, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stress.

How the Empress Tree Became a Presidential Guitar

This is the story of how Fender and the Empress tree got together. A few years ago, I found out that Fender [the guitar manufacturer], was doing a whole new line of guitars. The founder was testing over 30 types of lumbers world-wide. I knew we needed to get my Empress wood in that mix. So, I sent them a bunch of lumber samples.

In the end, it was our Empress wood that was selected as Fender’s #1 choice for the most perfect tonal quality and its light weight. One musician described the tonal quality as “crisp’. We sold that lumber to Fender in spreads for ten dollars a square foot. Fender didn’t anticipate the excitement there would be over the Empress guitar line and sold out every one they made. Unfortunately, it was impossible for us to resupply them with more Empress wood to the scale that Fender wanted. We are still growing our own trees. And there just isn’t that much available in the world at a price that would make sense.

A Story of the Tree That Will Save the World

Once upon a time, there was a native tree that grew in North America known as the Empress tree. People in the Orient revered this tree and, to this day, hold it in high esteem for its fast growth and quality wood.

The Empress tree is big—bigger than other trees; but, it plays nicely with other species, even though it has amazing super powers other trees don’t have.

Soulful Energies

Joanne Arnold is the founder and creator at Soulful Sister Aromatherapy here in the West Shore. A chartered herbalist, it was obvious when I was speaking with her last month, that she creates her unique and amazing line of products because of her passion for essential oils. She only uses natural, organic and fair trade ingredients and 100% pure essential oils.

She cares deeply about the products she makes and about the customers who use them. She has customers worldwide! Joanne and her family live, work and play in Langford.

Let Mother Nature Know We’re on Her Side!

I’m guessing once you read the cover theme was ‘Style and Trends’, you expected this month’s content would be all about new style and trends to watch out for on your next shopping trip. Look, I love shopping; I love exploring new fashion trends; in fact, I still have girl friends who won’t shop without me.

But this month, to change it up a bit, I thought why not broaden the definition of style to include trends that won’t fade away before the next issue gets published. After all, most of us know how to shop, right? And I’m thinking, most of you could probably locate, and actually buy, more stylish, trending items online in an hour than I could display in this magazine for an entire year.

Planning for Milestones in Our Lives

Life is full of experiences, happy and sad, expected and unexpected. Pre-planning for some milestones, like a wedding, can go on for over a year. Yet, a sudden loss catches many families off guard with planning constrained to less than a week. Pre-planning is an opportunity to gather your thoughts and style a celebration of your life and lifestyle now. Taking the time to plan your funeral does more than save time and worry for your family about fulfilling your wishes. Think of it as a belated gift to help with their grieving process.

Out & About…October 2018

If you missed an event or two this month, its no wonder, there was a lot going on. Our GoWestshore Out & About Crew captured some of the highlights for October 2018.

You’re in the Driver’s Seat When it Comes to Mortgages

You’ve worked hard to save a down payment. You’ve got your dream home in mind. But how do you get from that moment of being ready to actually owning your first home? That was the situation our client, Tom, found himself in.

Tom had saved diligently throughout his career and put aside 15% of the purchase price for a condo unit. He found the property he wanted to buy and negotiated the price. But he wasn’t sure how to finalize his financing, which is how he ended up contacting the Auxilium Team.

Get to Know Michelle

Pets have always been an important part of Michelle’s life, so when the opportunity came to take over ownership of her favourite pet store, Island Pet Source, on the West Shore in 2014, she jumped at it. After recovering from an injury and returning to her corporate career, she realized entrepreneurship was the best way for her to pursue her true passion of helping animals.

Michelle has always felt a strong responsibility to use her platform within the community for good and give back however she can. For example, the store makes efforts to support animal rescue organizations and local charities, whether through fundraising events or food donations.

Food is Stylish and Sexy!

Food quotations have always illustrated the essence of food in our lives. Food brings us together and breaks
down barriers that would divide us. First dates invariably involve a food component, as do birthdays, christenings, funerals, weddings—and just about every holiday celebration. All incorporate food for one very significant reason: it is a way to connect and share with those who are important in our lives.

The Culinary Arts program at Camosun College strives to instill upon our students the importance of food, not just as a commercial commodity, but the important place it holds across cultures and society in general. For thousands of years stylishly presented food was a demonstration of wealth, power, and success in all civilizations. Cooks who developed their skills to the highest levels have been in high demand by the movers and the shakers around the globe from the early days of empires and kingdoms.

Shamrocks Keep It Fresh & Edgy

Shamrocks fans know what they like—even when it comes to their hats, hoodies, and tees! Cathy Kozina, Fan Experience Coordinator with the club, knows that better than anyone.

“The club definitely has very high standards,” said Kozina. “So, it’s important to maintain that standard of quality through every interaction a fan might have with the Shamrocks; and that includes working with partners who can help us design and produce quality merchandise.”