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There’s no such thing as complacency around the Victoria HarbourCats—the coaching staff, the roster or the experience for fans.

Our ballpark has a new name too, thanks to the tremendous support of The Wilson’s Group of Companies. It’s now officially known as Wilson’s Group Stadium at Royal Athletic Park.

Realizing Community Visions

Many people recognize Bob Saunders as the face of his family business and the ‘Saunders Family Foundation’, a non-profit foundation to benefit youth and sports in Greater Victoria. It turns out that Bob is also known for getting people to to do all kinds of things, even when they don’t know they are doing it!

We met up with Dave Saunders who explained how both his parents had a huge influence on the family and community they love so dearly. And of course, some of the ways Bob grew into his character!

Gardening Essentials

As the gardening world welcomes a whole new batch of plant and vegetable enthusiasts, I am going to take a moment to set the record straight on what you really need in your space. So, what do you need to be successful in the garden? Here are some of the gardening terms, tools and practices that have caused a lot of confusion.


Cherish at Central Park is community living at its best. It’s dedicated to creating an inclusive, resort-style independent living retirement community for people 55+. Located in the heart of the West Shore, the emphasis is on building a community where you can enjoy a carefree lifestyle, each other’s company and access to an exceptional variety of resources and services for changing lifestyle needs.

A life of total convenience—everything you could possibly want is here!

Is Simply Having A Will Enough Anymore?

In some cases, having a will may not be enough. We are all aware that family dynamics are becoming increasingly diverse, and when it comes to planning your legacy, things are rarely as simple as they once were. Even the most straight forward estate can benefit from avoiding probate and all the associated time, energy, and costs.

There are many different options available to carefully construct an estate plan to provide maximum benefits and minimize complications for your family members.

‘Quality Time’ for the Whole Family

Looking ahead to find things to do as a family this summer and yet make it an experience that everyone can enjoy, too? Nothing is more magical than a shared, live musical experience. Forget the headphones, streaming music on your computer, CD player or car radio. How about taking your family to a place where music is the entire focus, where, enraptured by music, your everyday world dissolves into a symphony of glorious sound!

Thinking About Selling?

I work with many seniors & clients that have been in their home for years. The family is gone and they know they need to move into something smaller and with less maintenance. But just the thought of moving from a home is very overwhelming for them. Downsizing is especially daunting if they have been living in their current home for 20 years or more. It is like being a first-time buyer and seller all over again—not to mention the decades of accumulated stuff that built up over the years.

If you are considering downsizing, let me offer you some tips that can make your feelings about moving less stressful.

Who is Your Power of Attorney?

Most adults understand the concept that a Will is an important document to create when you have assets, debts and, most importantly, minor children. However, many people are unaware that a Will only plays part of the role in a well thought out Estate plan.

In the event of your death, your Will kicks in and your named Executor takes over handling your legal and financial affairs. But what happens if tragedy strikes and you are still alive? Who would take care of your everyday bills, daily financial affairs and potentially even manage all of your assets, including your Real Estate if you were unable to?


June 1st marks the end of an era at Darcy’s Pub. Our longest running house band, Monkeywrench, will be playing their last show with us! As Monkeywrench continues on to other endeavours, we will be showcasing a variety of other awesome local bands, every Friday. We have Lost Boys, Southern Urge, Cities, and The Tumblin’ Dice joining us on Fridays throughout June. And of course, our Saturday house band, BiPolar Bear, will still be playing every week.

We also have a special Sunday evening show this month, ‘Remembering Jason’. This will be an evening of rock and blues music dedicated to the memory of the late, great Jason Buie. The Jason Buie Band & Friends will play from 6-11pm. It will be an evening you don’t want to miss.


It’s hard enough to think about death without having to consider the financial realities that go along with it. Making the right decisions about funeral and memorial expenses can be especially tough when you’re grieving the loss of a loved one. But, as thousands of Canadian families have already discovered, there’s a way around that.

Funerals and cemetery services cost money—that’s unavoidable—but if you’re smart, you can cut those costs and protect your family for that day when you have to leave them. With well-informed estate planning, you could save thousands of dollars and spare your spouse and children from a heavy financial and emotional burden.

Over the years my parents have attended many funerals. Dealing with these losses can take a toll, as often the people they lose are part of their support system. As adult children, we can support our parents through this process, even though death is something that makes many people uncomfortable.

Places and Spaces for Everyone

We might live in the ‘Age of Connectivity’, but surveys tell us that we may be far lonelier than we imagined. As services such as banking and grocery shopping move online, people are losing convenient opportunities to connect with one another. Statistics Canada reports that 1.4 million seniors say they’re lonely. And it’s not only the elderly. Social isolation can impact anyone at any point during the course of their lives. Young people are experiencing epidemic levels of loneliness. The impact is not inconsequential. We humans are meant to be social, and if we do not get enough human contact, the joy and the quality of our lives diminishes.

Making Bread is Child’s Play!

With another school year almost done, parents and grandparents can expect the “I’m bored” comment at some point during the summer break, when the little ones have to come in from their wild escapades in the great outdoors. Why not arrange a time with the kids to try baking.

For the faint of heart, Camosun Culinary Arts will be offering a 1-week summer camp in July through Continuing Education). For the rest of you, with a little encouragement and patience and some basic knowledge provided here, you too can bake delicious, fresh bread.

Make Your Assets Work For You

When there is more month left than pay cheque you have three choices:

Make more money
Cut costs
Restructure your debts

Let’s face it—it’s kind of hard to walk into your boss’s office and ask for a 50% increase in your salary, just because you need it.

Take Action and Enjoy Driving for Longer

Did you know that a simple set of stretches could help increase your ability to do a proper shoulder check at any age? Taking action on your physical fitness is just one way that drivers can enjoy driving well into their senior years.

Many seniors are accomplished drivers with safe driving histories, but find that driving can become less enjoyable, and even stressful, due to age-related physical changes or medical conditions that can affect their confidence behind the wheel. Any restriction on a driver’s ability to carry out driving maneuvers, like emergency braking, can be cause for concern. A proactive approach can help to keep senior drivers safely on the road for longer.

Senior Dogs: Adapting to an Aging Lifestyle

It makes sense that senior dogs have different care requirements than younger dogs. If age is just a number, how do you know when your dog is considered a senior? It really depends on the individual dog. In general, large and giant breed dogs age faster than small to medium breed dogs, and as a result, larger dogs, unfortunately, don’t live as long as their smaller cousins. Genetics, nutrition and environment all play a role in how fast your dog ages.

It’s normal for senior dogs to become less active as they age and with that comes the possibility of weight gain. Choose an easy-to-digest, natural food and be aware of how many calories your dog consumes in a day, including treats.

Surviving Allergy Season

Flowers are blooming and spring is in the air! As pollen spreads, people afflicted by seasonal allergies begin to suffer. Allergens can cause redness, swelling, itching and watery eyes due to histamine. Although histamine is a normal component of the body, when released, it causes an inflammatory response.

Seniors are not exempt from bothersome allergy symptoms and often have complicating factors such as chronic diseases, making it difficult to manage and treat. Avoid planning outdoor activities when outdoor allergens are particularly high. If you must go outside, remember to wear sunglasses to avoid eye irritation.

Westhills Living!

The Westhills Community Master Plan continues to progress as infrastructure and public amenities develop alongside: Leigh Road is on schedule to connect with Langford Parkway this summer, the Al Charron Rugby Canada Training Centre is now open, and the Mayor has reported on plans to expand the seating capacity of the Westhills Stadium.

What Strategies Do You Need to Prevent Falls?

Were you aware that falls are the #1 cause of injury among those aged 65 and older? One out of every 3 seniors will experience a fall on an annual basis—the primary reason why seniors experience a loss of independence as they age. Currently, related healthcare costs occupy 42% of the provincial healthcare budget.

The good news is that you can prevent falls by identifying your individual risks factors for falling. These risk factors often fit into the following categories: biological/intrinsic, behavioral, social/ economic, and environmental.

Belmont Sales Centre Opens!

Belmont Residences is an inspiring new 24-acre community located at Jenkins Avenue and Division Avenue known as Belmont Market .

Belmont Residences is a 440-unit multi-phase development with seven buildings being built in six stages over the next five years.

It will eventually include seven residential market and rental buildings targeting first-time home buyers, working professionals, and downsizers. The development is enhanced by 220,000 square feet of commercial amenities (being developed by Crombie REIT), including a landmark Thrifty Foods spanning 52,700 square feet.

Quest for the Net!

Summer Camps: Westshore Basketball is excited to offer two 5-day camps this summer for full and half-day options: July 9-13 and August 20-24. With the help of current and former high school players, guest college and university instructors, Westshore Basketball coaches ensure that every child has a chance to learn, play and build friendships!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

By June, we are able to enjoy the outdoor living space we have worked so hard to create and breathe in the blooms.

Fresh lettuce from our garden is on our menu and the rest of the veggie garden is beginning to show promise. And at The Artisan’s Garden, we get to help new gardeners plan and prepare, learning from our experience and knowledge.