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Things you can BBQ – and Probably Don’t!

This is the time of year when barbecuing is still fun and exciting! The kids are just out of school, no one’s sick of hamburgers yet and so far, you haven’t had a propane tank run out. Most barbecue seasons go something like this: steak, hamburgers, chicken, sausage and repeat. For weeks on end, you repeat until the barbecue has lost all of its fun, but you keep using it because it’s summer and that’s what you’re supposed to do. So, before your love affair with your barbecue starts to get stale and you start flirting with your oven again, take a step back and remember all those little things that made you love your grill in the first place. You may just need to add a bit more excitement to your relationship to get it sizzling again.

Helping Your Garden Grow

July has arrived along with the challenges of mid-summer garden beds, planters and hanging baskets. Here are a few tips on how we keep things fresh and healthy at Artisan’s Garden. I’m not a horticulturalist, just a passionate gardener with some basic advice for novice gardeners. For example, I did a demonstration to a couple on how to transplant their rootbound annuals by ripping off those twisted roots at the bottom. Obvious to those who have been gardening for a while, but this couple was thrilled with the new information.


Baseball isn’t always—or just—baseball. The Victoria HarbourCats work very hard to make sure games at Wilson’s Group Stadium at RAP are more than strikes, balls, outs and home runs. The team’s sixth season in the West Coast League has been far more interesting than the standings or box scores. Yes, fans love to follow the team’s hunt for a playoff spot, but the vast majority of those attending games are there for other reasons, rooted in the sense of community that happens when you spend a pleasant evening at the ballpark.

Frozen Days of Summer!

As promised last month, here is something gluten free for a jaw-dropping summer dessert with lots of delicious variations that can also be prepared year-round. Semi freddo is an Italian dessert and literally translates as “half frozen”. The beauty of this tantalising creation is that it works so well with many flavours to pair with almost innumerable garnishes and accents. It is light and delicate, yet rich and luxurious all at the same time. Its preparation does take some care and finesse but overall, it is relatively simple to accomplish. The texture should be silky, smooth and soft, almost like whipped cream, but at the same time dense and succulent. A nice semi freddo will melt almost instantly on the tongue when eaten and should not be too hard. The right temperature at the time of service will determine the mouth feel, so be sure to let it ‘warm up’ or temper before serving. It is important to measure the ingredients accurately so that the right balance of egg yolks and liquid creates that perfect texture. When done well, it provides a wonderful base for sweet or sour fruits, crisp cookies and crunchy pastries.


Darcy’s Pub Westshore is the place to be if you love LIVE music—or if you are someone who loves to perform! On the first Wednesday of every month, Darcy’s features its popular ‘Open Mic Night’, an eclectic evening of live acoustic music beginning at 7pm. Singer/songwriters from every genre perform 20-minute sets of covers and original pieces.
Darcy’s Pub held their first Open Mic Night in April, 2016 and ever since has had no shortage of awesome local musicians to grace their stage. Audiences can expect to hear everything from acoustic originals to rap, reggae, marimba and even spoken word. And what a fantastic way for artists at every level to experience a professional stage setting with an incredibly, receptive crowd!

Cool for the Summer: Pet Edition

Warm, sunny days and long weekend adventures— it’s no wonder our pets love summer as much as we do. For many of us, it’s the best time of year to be outside enjoying nature’s beauty and all that the season has to offer.
Taking your pet for a hiking adventure, camping trip, or a hike around Thetis Lake can be exhausting if you and your pet are not properly hydrated and given opportunities to cool down. It may sound obvious, but it’s essential that your pet have access to fresh drinking water and shade from the sun during the summer months.

Crafting Liveable Spaces Indoors & Out!

With many new multi-family developments hitting the marketplace, it’s common for developers and designers to attempt to out-scale and out-design the competition by using wow factors in their application. However, when it came time to design the interiors of the Belmont Residences’ new master-planned community in Langford, the developers saw it as an opportunity to create a direct reflection of the property’s exterior—less about outrageous design and more about crafting spaces with livable, durable, and natural materials to support the outdoor lifestyle of future residents.

Your Home Deserves a Dream Team

How many times have you heard of friends who had to move out of their rental housing because the owner decided to sell the property? It happens a lot. Such was the case when Dan and his wife, Bonnie, unexpectedly, found out that the house they were renting was up for sale. In their case, they saw it as a great opportunity to buy a permanent home for themselves. As a couple, they were committed to their decision, but realized it would take a larger team to make their dream a reality.

They contacted a realtor to write up an offer and, shortly after that, the realtor referred them to Auxilium to negotiate the finances they would need for their mortgage.

8 Ways to Enjoy Summer— Even If You’re Working!

As you’ve probably observed, it’s summer! Don’t just sit staring at that stock image of a beach on your office computer screen and day dreaming about a weekend escape. That can be discouraging! Why not try out a few of these fun pick-me-ups to make summer come to you!

2018 Eats & Beats Festival

Colwood’s 4th Annual ‘Eats & Beats at the Beach’ happens Saturday, July 7, 2018. Join a few thousand friends on our breathtaking oceanfront beach with live bands, favourite local food trucks, and free fun stuff all day long. The event takes place about midway along Esquimalt Lagoon on Ocean Boulevard. The area is closed to through traffic so the party happens on the street, in the sand and sea and in the sky!

Vancouver Island’s Unforgettable Road Trip

The Pacific Marine Circle Route is 255km long road trip that gives travelers a real taste of West Coast living, panoramic views, culture and recreation wineries, artisans and quaint shops in the unique coastal communities of southern Vancouver Island.
This is an epic road trip adventure with amazing, breathtaking stops of interest you don’t want to miss! Start your day early—really early—for a great day-trip from just about everywhere on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Better yet, plan a 2 to 4-day getaway so you can experience as much as possible.

The Heart of Vancouver Island’s Wine Country

Looking for a relaxing, yet pleasurable getaway with friends and guests this season? Then, head north to Cowichan Valley wine country! Cowichan Valley is often referred to as the “Napa of the North”. The word Cowichan means ‘land warmed by the sun’ or ‘the warm land’ in the First Nations Coast Salish language. It’s Canada’s only maritime Mediterranean climatic zone. The warmest average year-round temperatures and longest growing season in the country, abundant sunshine, consistent rainfall and rich soils has, in recent years, made Cowichan Valley one of the best wine producing regions in British Columbia, second only to the Okanagan Valley.

Most Cowichan wineries are open all year round to meander, sip and enjoy, not just in the summer when the sun is shining. The countryside is always glorious and wine tasting is an indoor experience. No need to drive yourself! Let someone else do the driving by booking a guided tour around the region’s wineries. Safe transport and custom, value-added tours are available for any size group. The more the merrier! Cowichan tours are family and pet-friendly—as are all the wineries, too. So, whether you’re a wine connoisseur or still developing your palette, this region’s unique wineries are a not-to-be-missed destination on Vancouver Island.

32 Years and Still Going Strong!

Whether it’s a large and ominous stone octopus, a painting of a channel swimmer in stormy water that makes your lungs ache in sympathy, or a funky steam punk bird made of found objects and kiln fired glass, something will make you wonder at the limits of human creativity at the Sooke Fine Arts Show [SFAS] this summer. 2018 will see the SFAS celebrate its 32nd anniversary. This is a community-proud event with a long history of bringing art and culture to the West Shore region. Art lovers from far and wide are welcomed to Sooke for Vancouver Island’s Premier Summer Arts Event held at the SEAPARC Leisure Complex from July 27 to August 6. More than 8,500 attendees are expected to be inspired by the stimulating and inspiring art.

SFAS began as an initiative of the Sooke Region Museum and Sooke Region Historical Society in 1986 with 49 accepted artists. In 2006, the arts event came under the governance of the Sooke Fine Arts Society and continued to grow with 260 artists represented now, and over $12,000 in awards distributed each year.