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West Shore Mayors Get a Jump on 2019!

Before the 2019 Jump Start photo escapade, I had asked the Mayors to submit comments on their municipal goals for 2019, their music and curiosity about life. Graciously, they all took time out of their busy schedule to do just that. Two Mayors had scheduling conflicts and could not join us for the photo shoot; but Mayor Tait did send in her comments after the fact. What follows are all those responses.

How to Trade for Almost Everything!

Why pay in cash when you can pay in kind? For some businesses, bartering can be a useful way to pay for operational expenses. If they have downtime in a services-based business or excess inventory in the warehouse, barter can be used to convert them into extra revenue in exchange for other services ranging from marketing to photography. Barterpay® President, Doug Robb and Partner, Chris Bowes explain how it works.

Greenhouse Dreaming!

When it’s cool outdoors, I love to walk through an old greenhouse and feel the warmth around me. Slatted wooden benches, a hard-packed dirt floor, rusty heating pipes and, of course, plants all add to the pleasure. Throw in an old chair and a cup of tea and I’m a child again— back in my uncle’s greenhouse watching his tomatoes grow. It’s the all-pervading earthiness, combined with nostalgia- inducing fragrances, that evoke these feelings. To me, a greenhouse is such a comfortable place to be.

Around this time of year, I begin to think, boy, it sure would be nice to have a greenhouse in my backyard. I do have a small one, but it’s just something I knock together every April to hold seedlings prior to planting, little more than a glorified cold frame. So, why don’t I have a real greenhouse in my back yard? I’m not sure. Just haven’t got around to it, no space available, not cost effective. These are the usual excuses, but they aren’t very strong ones.

A Special Time of the Year!

With the holiday season past us, I just have to glance at the remnants of cookies, cakes, chocolates, candies and other sweet delights that made my blood sugar climb and acknowledge my pants do feel a bit tighter. That said, this time of year is as much about future planning as it is about remembering the fun stuff, the joy of letting loose a little, and basking in fond memories with family and friends. Even our Camosun Culinary Arts students are sharing memories of being ‘voluntold’ into applying their cooking skills for loved ones over the holiday season!

MISSA Magic!

The Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts [MISSA] has been an international happening in the West Shore for over 35 years. It’s become an occasion for like-spirited folks, who love art and the creative process, to gather together to connect, make art and socialize. And it’s not just locals who populate Pearson College campus every year either. The superb instructional talent that congregates at MISSA attracts professional artists, teachers and serious adult students from all over the world. If you are surprised that this is happening right in your own backyard, read on. Some MISSA events are now open to the general public, too.

Belmont Market Shaping Up!

The Belmont Market project, under development on the site of the former Belmont Secondary School, is expected to be completed by 2021. To date, the following stores have confirmed their spaces and will be opening for business in three phases over the next 2 years, beginning in 2019

Year of the Earth Pig

The Year of the Pig attracts success in all the spheres of life. The added Earth element carries positive energies and brings a beneficial aura to the entire year. As a result, the year of the Earth Pig is a great year to make money and to invest! But, be cautious! Well-considered actions will be rewarded much more than high risk taking. Generosity is in the air. Insults are forgiven more easily. Social activities and family reunions are numerous. Open-mindedness and warm atmosphere make friendships easier to manage. The Year of the Pig is a good year for marriage or to have a child. To balance and harmonize energy flows, wear and display red and white colours. Be careful, however, to avoid having a red wallet, if you want to keep your money. People born during a Year of the Pig should wear a red bracelet all year to stimulate luck.

Making New Year Resolutions Possible!

I made lists of New Year goals and resolutions over the years, but I always found the fade out of enthusiasm and lack of results more painful than the original condition I was trying to improve. Over time, I learned to make small adjustments for much better outcomes!

Staying Authentic
One distinct, and very dated, memory I have was how I use to redirect my goals to match what my friends were doing in theirs. I accepted their preference to hang out with the same old crowd, for instance, by changing my mind about what I wanted to do in my free time. Essentially, I was living a life that was not authentic for me at all. It lasted longer than it should have, of course, but eventually, I moved away from it because it didn’t make me happy. It taught me a huge lesson, too: the less I accommodated myself to others, the more likely it was that I could remain true to my goals and what was important to me.

10 Great Careers in Demand

For the next 5 years, many in-demand jobs in BC (and the rest of Canada) are ones that offer great earning opportunities. As a result, now is an excellent time for younger Canadians to explore new career paths. I’ve selected career areas that are in especially high demand in BC, have a high number of expected job openings and an on-going shortage of qualified workers to fill them.

New Dogs, Old Tricks!

The Barking Dog Studio in Sooke has new owners!This summer, Raymond and Bernadette Kube moved to Sooke from North Vancouver with their two children, Madison and Mason and fur babies Yoda and Leia. The last few years, Bernadette had been doing a lot of work for a client who had sold her home in North Vancouver and moved to Sidney to start an Air B&B. Her experience of island life was in stark contrast to their own lack luster pace of life on the mainland. It wasn’t long before they had decided to take advantage of the market and sell their tiny townhouse in North Vancouver for a new family adventure on Vancouver Island.

Cheers to a New Chapter

When you start feeling like the house, the yard, cooking, laundry, and grocery shopping are all getting to be too much, you might be ready for something in housing that serves you better! You know you’re not ready for the classic “old folks’ home.” But you are ready to take life a little easier and start a new chapter. So, where do you start?

There are many living options out there. If you are thinking of a Retirement Home—but something a little different— Community Living is another viable, and very popular, option in today’s market. Start by taking stock of exactly what you’re looking for. Of course, price and size are always a consideration. Be sure that you know what each place includes in their rental fee; things like: utilities, meals, activities, bus tours, emergency pendants, parking, and optional charges.

Looking to 2019 with the Shamrocks

Although planning for the next season starts the day after the last season, January is the perfect time to look at the year ahead and get ready for the Home Opener in May. Back this month, Shamrocks’ Head Coach Bob Heyes, Captain Matt Yager, and top goal scorer Rhys Duch talk about their plans for 2019.