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Dog Grooming Q&A

Dog Grooming Q&A

Interview by Emma Forster
Manager, Island Pet Source

By Emma Forster
Manager, Island Pet Source
By Emma Forster Manager, Island Pet Source

This month I sat down with our Grooming Manager, Kelsey, and chatted about her experience as a dog groomer and what makes her job so special every day!

Q: In twelve years of grooming, what has become your favourite part of the job?
A: My favourite part about being a dog groomer is gaining a dog’s trust and helping them overcome a specific issue. Although it’s viewed by many owners as a ‘spa day’ for their dogs, grooming can be quite a stressful, fearful, experience for some. I need to communicate to an anxious dog that everything will be OK. Being able to help dogs through that stress and build up trust with them is a very special time for me; it makes my day that much better!

Q: What’s the most common thing you see or hear from grooming clients?
A: The most common thing I see is dog owners who don’t realize just how much work and maintenance is needed for their breed of dog, for example, Shih Tzus or Poodles. Many owners also don’t realize the need for in-between maintenance— like brushing their dog—at home.

Q: So, it takes more than a haircut appointment every 6-8 weeks at the grooming shop?
A: Absolutely. It’s very important to have the proper brushes and combs at home and use them in-between grooming appointments to avoid matting. Mats are very uncomfortable for dogs and can affect the condition of their skin, coat, and overall health. We strongly encourage avoiding this situation before it starts. If it does occur, we recommend a professional remove the mats to avoid any further injury to your dog.

Q: What advice do you have for clients with puppies?
A: Start as young as you can to make your puppy’s first grooming a positive experience! If your dog is a breed that will require grooming throughout his/ her lifetime, brushing at home and handling puppy’s toes in the first weeks before the first actual appointment is hugely beneficial. Positivity is key with puppies. They might squirm in protest, but keep trying. It’s a new experience for them and a timely opportunity for
you to work through it together.

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