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Peninsula Co-op is well known for its generous contributions over many years to community support programs designed to strengthen local communities. Lindsay Gaudette, Marketing and Community Relations Manager at Peninsula Co-op, explained that despite the growth of Peninsula Co-op over the past decades, giving back has always been an integral feature of their corporate identity!

Community Co-opportunity Contest info
Peninsula Co-op and GoWestShore have teamed up to give away $1000 every month in 2020 in this exclusive contest!

Q: What inspired its philanthropic, collaborative mission?

A: As a co-operative, we are owned by our members – the people who make up our community. We’re able to move ahead in business because the community supports us; so, it’s just as important that we support the community right back. ‘Moving Ahead by Giving Back’ isn’t a fancy tagline, it’s just what we do.

Q: I understand Peninsula Co-op will be launching a unique ‘Community Co-opportunity’ Contest with GoWestShore Magazine in 2020? What’s the contest all about?

A: Beginning in January 2020, Peninsula Co-op will be giving away $1,000 to an eligible non-profit, charity or community organization every month for the entire year! GoWestShore followers can vote for candidates they feel are the most deserving of this donation. We are encouraging them to share their voting links with their network to attract even more votes for each of their favourite candidates. Each month, the non-profit, charity or community organization with the most votes wins. With only one vote per person, every vote counts. So, candidates and supporters should both make a big effort to spread the word!

Q: Who is Peninsula Co-op hoping to reach out to with a ‘Community Co-opportunity’ Contest?

A: Peninsula Co-op supports a ton of groups every year, large and small. We try to support as many organizations as we can. Sometimes, smaller organizations, who are just as worthy, may not have as many resources to help with fundraising. We thought this contest would be a great way to get the community to help highlight and support some lesser known, but worthy candidates within our community who could use some extra support.

For many, $1,000 can make all the difference in the world.

Q: What non-profit, charity or community groups will be considered eligible to receive a $1,000 donation?

A: To be considered an eligible candidate to receive funding for this contest, groups must be a non-profit, charity and/or community organization within the general trading areas of Peninsula Co-op. We respectfully are unable to consider the following:

  • For-profit organizations or private clubs
  • Organizations operating outside of Peninsula Co-op general trading areas of the West Shore
  • Political or controversial initiatives
  • Individual self-interest (e.g. GoFundMe campaigns or fundraisers for individuals)
  • Religious organizations (Those offering community services on a non-denominational basis may be considered.)
  • Costs relating to travel, wages and salaries.

Q: How can eligible candidates get on a ‘Community Co-opportunity’ Contest voting list as a contestant?

A: To ensure a consistent review process, all requests for support from local non-profit and community organizations can be submitted using the link below. Every month, four (4) contestants will be selected from the eligible candidates list to compete for the most votes to earn a $1,000 gift. Selected contestants will be notified a week prior to each contest period. All contestants will be provided with voting links to share with their network to attract more votes.

We’ve opened registration for the first contest period on Nov 1st, and all of the contest details, registration and FAQ are here!

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