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Commit to fit!

Commit to fit!

By Ian McNaughton

Victoria Shamrocks

The Victoria Shamrocks are a franchise that is dedicated to healthy living with a focus nutrition and proper diet. That dedication goes far beyond the action fans actually see on the court: that is, the lifestyle choices Shamrock players make every day and the positive impact their choices have on how they perform. This past Spring, the Shamrocks teamed up with Subway and South Vancouver Island School Districts to launch the ‘Commit to Fit’ program.

The program is aimed at primary school students and teaches young students about the history of lacrosse as a sport, team building and the benefits of living a healthy, active lifestyle. The Shamrocks invited students to take the ‘Commit to Fit’ pledge as a commitment to a healthy diet and living an active lifestyle.

The Shamrocks are grateful to have the chance to visit schools and talk to children along the South Island about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We appreciate the opportunity to visit schools, like David Cameron Elementary, to provide education on what kids can do and steps to take to live a more active life.

Getting an opportunity to work with Subway is also vital in making this program functional. Subway has shown excellent support in providing proper nutrition for the youth of today so to have their support for this program is extremely important to the Shamrocks.

The Commit to Fit program is such a worthwhile endeavour. It is a way to incentivize children to think critically about their lifestyles and to realize the advantages they gain when they choose to stay active and eat properly.

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