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Come for the Music, Stay for the Food!

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Come for the Music, Stay for the Food!

By Courtney Campbell, General Manager
Darcy’s Pub Westshore
Darcy's Pub Westshore Contributing Author

Bright and early every morning, Executive Chef Hinkelman is the first to arrive at Darcy’s Pub Westshore. He spends his early hours assessing previous day sales and receiving fresh orders from great local providers, like ‘Portofino Bakery’ and ‘Rossdown Farms’.

Everything on Darcy’s menu is hand-made so his day starts preparing what will be needed to assemble his menu offerings, everything from sauces and soups to fixings for salads and sharezies, burgers and house-cut strip loin steak.

In a growing and evolving community like the West Shore, guest expectations about what they want to eat is always changing. Today’s menu selections need to also consider offerings for the many ways people chose to eat as a lifestyle choice—whether that be as a calorie-conscious, a vegan / vegetarian or a gluten-free diner. Balancing and adapting to these menu expectations is both the challenge and the joy for the culinary team.

Executive Chef Hinkelman is constantly creating new dishes, using high quality, local products. Every Friday and Saturday introduces new selections from his Chef’s Features Menu. Because guest opinion and local foods are always the most important part of selecting his dishes, Chef Hinkelman refreshes his menus with the seasons. His next refresh menu will be available beginning in April—and he’s sure it will not disappoint.

The Darcy’s Pub menu is not your ordinary, everyday pub food, that’s for sure! Our delicious, fresh, and intriguing dishes will have you coming back for more.

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