Community Co-opportunity Contest info

GoWestshore and Peninsula Co-op have teamed up to co-sponsor a Community Co-opportunity Contest.

And we’re giving away $1,000 every month in 2020!

But we need your help to spread the word and choose the winner:

  • Do you have a favourite non-profit, charity or community organization that could use EXTRA CASH?
  • Vote every month and help make a difference in your community.

Contest FAQs:

What is the Eligibility criteria for Contestants to participate in the contest and potentially receive a $1,000 donation?

A: To be considered an eligible candidate to receive funding, groups must be a non-profit, charity and/or community organization within the WestShore. We respectfully are unable to consider the following:

  • For-profit organizations or private clubs
  • Organizations operating outside of Peninsula Co-op general trading areas
  • Political or controversial initiatives
  • Individual self-interest (e.g. GoFundMe campaigns or fundraisers for individuals)
  • Religious organizations (Those offering community services on a non-denominational basis may be considered.)
  • Costs relating to travel, wages and salaries

How do eligible candidates get on the Community Co-opportunity Contest voting list as a contestant?

A: To ensure a consistent review process, all requests for support from eligible candidates should be submitted using this online contest submission form. Every month, up to four (4) contestants will be selected from the eligible candidates list to compete for the most votes to earn a $1,000 gift.

Contest submissions are limited to one (1) entry per entrant group.

All eligible candidates will remain in the contest queue until/if they are selected to participate in a given contest month.

Contestants may not participate in more than one (1) contest for the year.

How will Community Co-opportunity Contestants know if, or when they are selected for a particular month's contest?

A: Selected contestants will be notified a week prior to each contest period that they are a finalist in the next month’s contest.

All contest finalist will be provided with voting links to share with their network to attract more votes.

Every vote counts so it is highly recommended that the contestant prepare in advance to let their community supporters know.

Who is eligible to vote in the Community Co-opportunity Contests?

A: All residents age 13+ may vote.

How often can I vote?

A: All registered voters can vote one (1) time during each month’s contest.

However, every vote counts so it is highly recommended that voters also share the contest links with other community supporters!

When will Winners of each Community Co-opportunity Contests receive their $1,000 cheque?

A: Voting is in real time and fully transparent so on the last day of the month, the Winner of a contest will be known right away!

Peninsula Co-op will make arrangements to present the $1,000 cheque and take photograph’s of the winners.

Winner’s pictures will be published by GoWestShore as soon as they are made available!