If you’ve ever been intimidated by getting your vehicle serviced, Paradigm Auto Works, turned out to be an unexpectedly informative and genuinely supportive experience for me as a car owner. I didn’t expect that to be the case. Getting my car serviced didn’t usually come with explanations. Gregory has a way of describing mechanical and technological issues in a way that made sense. It got me thinking about servicing in a different light.

The best pieces might be something you “borrow” from family members, friends or discover at estate sales, second hand stores and so forth. Beautiful pieces are given a new life.

I spoke with a local interior decorator, Maria Uriegas-Leupelt [Sunlight Interiors], to get a sense of the influence this style direction has had on her business. She offered some great advice for the adventurous designer in all of us.

It takes an award-winning team— like the South Island Home Team —to ensure you get the best real estate service possible on Southern Vancouver Island. Together, with their diversity of skill sets, they have built a reputation as one of the most sought-after realty teams in the region. Their integrity and dedication to their customers have earned them numerous accolades. Meet your local, award-winning real estate team.

In a nutshell, the British Columbia Wills Variation Act is the statute which permits a surviving spouse or children to contest a will on the basis that it does not make adequate provision for the claimant. The class of eligible claimants includes the surviving spouse, common-law spouse, same-sex spouse and both the natural and adopted children of the deceased.

Using insurance contracts with products like segregated funds, GICs, or annuities in your estate plan can be hugely beneficial for many reasons.

A lot of people dread moving houses because it’s such an emotional, stressful experience. Whether you’re moving cities or simply heading to a new place in town, it’s still a tough job. While it can be an ordeal, there are ways you can make it less painful.

A great strategy to combat the stress is to pack non-essential items gradually, and in advance, so that you don’t find yourself packing in a rush the day of your move. Leave packing everyday items closer to moving day. Making a moving day itinerary will help you can keep track of items and where you want them placed in your new home.

Moving is physically exhausting at the best of times. Hauling heavy boxes and furniture in and out of a truck isn’t something you may want to take on any time soon. One of the best ways around this is to hire a moving company to take care of the heavy lifting.