State of Art Performing Arts Theatre propsed for City of Langford
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Build it and they will come!

For the past 25 years, Mayor Stew Young and the City of Langford’s council have been shaping the community with its no nonsense get it done attitude.

With it’s leadership and persistence, Langford has attracted major developments, new neighbourhoods, business expansion, partnerships, sports & recreation, roads, infrastructure, schools, and more. When Langford initiatives happen, they are typically big, innovative and naturally include some level of controversy.

While not everyone is 100% happy with each new initiative, the Langford team gets it done. And the cycle continues to attract even more opportunities, residents, businesses and partnerships.

Fast forward to early 2020: If you’ve seen the trees coming down and the rocks being blown up in the Costco area, and perhaps wondered what is going to be developed there, the secret is out.

The 53 acre parcel spanning McCullum to Trainor, is owned by the SeaCliff Group and is being turned into North Langford’s “City Gate”.  Their vision is rezone this property to allow for a vibrant, mixed use community offering residential, commercial, retail, employment and educational buildings along with a recreational hub.

City Gate in North Langford

Could it be the Yaletown of Langford? Could it include a cannery row of pubs, restaurants, boutique shops? Could this be a trendy cool Entertainment District?

Well, we now know that the Crown Jewel of this vision will include a major attraction, completely inline with Langford’s big thinking style!

Last night, a surprise announcement in true Langford form and fanfare happened in front of approximately 125 business and community stakeholders. It was a Langford Council meeting, in a Pub, to let the Westshore community know that they intend to focus on the Arts & Culture, Entertainment and Hospitality sectors for the next 5 years.

The City of Langford and the Maritime Museum of BC have entered into a memorandum of understanding for the proposed construction of a state-of-the-art maritime museum, conference centre and performing arts theatre in Langford.

The planned project will be located on 4 acres of the City Gate property at 790 McCallum Road and will include:

  • the Pacific Maritime Centre that contains a Canadian maritime museum,
  • an immersive planetarium theatre,
  • an observational light-house design sky-deck,
  • a 40,000 sq. ft. conference centre,
  • a multi-story business tower which will be available for government or corporate offices, and
  • an adjoining approximate 1200 seat state-of-the-art Performing Arts Theatre.
City of Langford Multi Purpose Museum Arts and Culture Centre
Rendering of Langford's Proposed Arts and Culture Centre

The estimated cost to build the Pacific Maritime Centre is $57 million dollars, while the estimated cost to build the Performing Arts Theatre is $30 million dollars. It is anticipated that the project will be funded through fundraising, tenant lease agreements and federal government infrastructure programs.

This is Langford’s chance, once again, to get it done.  They can leverage their relationships and partnerships. They can think out of the box and raise the money to make it happen.

And now, Langford needs to engage its residents and the adjacent Westshore communities, enlist and work with the arts groups to get it done right. There is an abundance of ideas and suggestions that can from these stakeholders. While the final product has the capacity to put Langford on the map with another iconic presence, one that will attract world renowned Broadway shows and provide unlimited arts and culture experiences, it is critical that it be a win-win outcome for the residents and members of the community.

Langford can do this. It shown it’s leadership and intention to leave a legacy. What better time to announce their new brand “Langford Where it all Happens”.

Congratulations to the City of Langford for taking action on a project that the Westshore Community has been wanting for a very long time. Let’s get behind them and “Get SH#T Done”!

City of Langford Announces Shift in Focus to Arts and Culture

City of Langford to Build Performing Arts Theatre on behalf of all Westshore Communities

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