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Did You Know?


By Anne Marie Moro

“The benefits of getting outdoors is so
great that going outdoors every day
supports the body, mind and spirit.”

Canadians spend almost 90% of their time living indoors in artificial environments: at work, at home, in a car or at indoor recreational arenas. That means most get constant exposure to indoor air, which as a rule, is of very poor quality. (1)

The benefits of getting outdoors is so great that going outdoors every day—even if it’s winter and the temperatures are low—supports the body, mind and spirit. Disconnecting from nature has been proven to affect one’s quality of life. Here are some great reasons to get up close and personal with Mother Nature:

Sunlight can help disinfect and heal infections, fight infection, including flu and colds and boost your Vitamin D levels just by being outside and letting the sunlight hit your skin. More than 90 percent of your vitamin D comes from exposure to sunlight.
A recent Canadian study shows that elementary school students who spend more time outdoors can greatly reduce their need for eyeglasses for nearsightedness. (2)

One study even suggests as little as 20 minutes outside gives you an energy boost comparable to one cup of coffee.
Spending time outside can lessen SAD’s severity—especially in our area where the weather’s damp and overcast for months at a time. Grab the sunshine whenever you can and take Vitamin D supplements until sunny days return!
Sunlight increases oxygen content in human blood very much the way exercise does.
The ‘Journal of Investigative Dermatology’ reports that sunlight exposure increases nitric oxide (NO) levels, which can decrease blood pressure. Even a single exposure significantly lowers blood pressure in individuals with high blood pressure.
Fresh air work outs are so much more enjoyable when there is a landscape full of grasses, trees, and plants to keep you company. Nature scents like roses, freshly cut grass, and pine keep you calmer and more relaxed.



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