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Belmont Residences

Conveniently Everything!

by Anne Marie Moro
Photos by Mark Vukobrat, Hike Victoria
and Belmont Residences

It could have been so different! I’m sure you’ve seen it happen in other cities: a large piece of development land opens up and developers move in to build as many apartment buildings as they can squeeze onto the acreage.

Belmont Residences Galloping Goose Trail
Nearby green spaces, such as the Galloping Goose Trail, means residents stay closer to nature.

Belmont Residences took another path with the 24 acres that originally housed Belmont Secondary School and its grounds in central Langford. When you look at their Master Plan Community, you can see responsible minds behind the project, with designs and innovations that were intended to enhance—not diminish—the quality of life for residents and the community at large.

Location, Location, Location
Belmont Residences is located in the heart of Langford.

“It’s a walkable community,” says Eric Gerlach, VP of Development of Belmont Residences, “with access to transportation and amenities that highlight the convenience of Urban Living in a natural setting, next to the Galloping Goose. It’s location that creates a sustained sense of value in a development. Whether properties are built in infill locations or with mountain view settings, ultimately, it’s being at the city core that guarantees the long-lasting value of a home.”

Creating the Belmont Lifestyle
Marcela Corzo, Director of Development for Belmont Residences, explained it this way: “Personally, what I really enjoy is the opportunity to bring our design expertise, engineers, architects, and good design principles to create communities that provide a better lifestyle for the people in Langford.”

Getting to the master plan was an intense process according to Corzo. It took years to assemble the elements that would define what the Belmont Residences has become today. That it was able to come together so expeditiously, Corzo attributes to the City of Langford’s Mayor and municipal council.

“Working with the City of Langford has been amazing,” she says. “Any progressive idea that we bring to the table, they are so keen to work with us. It’s been great to work with a municipality that really embraces [neighbourhood] development to make the city better for everybody.”

Belmont Residences Interior
Rendering of Belmont Residence interior.

Building for a Work/Life Balance
In a way, the concept of what ‘neighbourhood’ means had to change—sooner rather than later.

The fact is not everyone needs to live in an expensive, high density urban area in order to find gainful employment with companies based there. Instead, some workers are gravitating to places like Belmont Residences in Langford that are generally more affordable, closer to nature and typically offer more space and value for money than homes in Victoria.

Belmont Residences is catering to these demands and driving change by building to optimize location and offer the combined work/life balance its residents crave.

The Belmont team have worked hard to make that transition seamless, says Corzo. With seven buildings planned across the property of this master-planned community, commercial space is mingled with green space, walking paths and access to natural surroundings like lakes, parks and trails. The urban centre of Victoria is still well within reach via the adjacent Galloping Goose Trail, by car or Ubike.

Belmont Residences has further catered to these trends by including a collaborative co-work space and lounge in their Belmont Club amenity building, as well as options like a 2-bedroom + flex, where working from home is seamless.

Even in multi-family housing, the importance of a flex space, second bedroom, den or public co-working space is on the rise.

As developers continue to build a blend of residential and commercial offerings to meet these trends, owners and tenants at Belmont Residences can look forward to an enhanced work/ life balance in a home suited to their lifestyle preferences.

Rent-to-Own Program
To give first-time home buyers an opportunity to own their own home, Belmont is launching its unique Rent-to-Own program to help qualified tenants at the Crossing at Belmont become Belmont Residences owners. The program would make it less difficult for buyers—specially millennials—with an affordable housing option in the near future.

Beginning in the fall of 2019, the Crossing at Belmont apartments will be available for rent. First-time tenants in Crossing at Belmont will be able to receive ‘Belmont Loyalty Credits’ based on 25% of their rent value, up to a maximum 5% of the total purchase cost of a Belmont Residences home.

To see how it works, visit

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