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JIM SWANSON co-owner of HarbourCats

Baseball isn’t always—or just—baseball. The Victoria HarbourCats work very hard to make sure games at Wilson’s Group Stadium at RAP are more than strikes, balls, outs and home runs. The team’s sixth season in the West Coast League has been far more interesting than the standings or box scores. Yes, fans love to follow the team’s hunt for a playoff spot, but the vast majority of those attending games are there for other reasons, rooted in the sense of community that happens when you spend a pleasant evening at the ballpark.

The fireworks nights draw in hundreds of additional spectators and special events, like Bark in the Park and bobblehead giveaways, add more of a hum to the crowd. On June 7, the HarbourCats welcomed 2,500 school kids for ‘School Spirit Day’ with Mayfair Optometric Clinic for a magical afternoon at Wilson’s Group Stadium.

The MLB draft came and went with 14 current or former HarbourCats being selected, each of the 14 wanting to follow the path of Nick Pivetta, Nathan Lukes, Alex DeGoti, Logan Lombana and Quintin Torres-Costa in professional baseball. Despite having just started play in 2013, the HarbourCats will be tops in the Victoria market all-time in placing players at the professional level.

On Father’s Day, June 17, the team welcomed its 300,000th  fan through the gates, a notable achievement for less than six full seasons of WCL action in Victoria. The number continues to grow.

The HarbourCats will continue to be the summer community gathering spot in Victoria, as the team seeks its third-straight appearance in the WCL playoffs. Come for the entertainment on the field and around the games. See you at the park!

Check out the Victoria HarbourCats contact info, schedule and more information about special events on their portal listing page here on GoWestShore.


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