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About the Arts Channel Rewards Program
About the Arts Channel Rewards Program

How it Works



Join the Arts Channel Rewards Program & earn your first 10 Points!



Take actions and earn Points!



Redeem Points in the Arts Channel MarketPlace!



Donate Points to your favourite Arts Charity! (optional)


Hover on the various Reward Options to learn how you can earn points for taking action!

Earn 1 Point per Referral

Refer away and Earn Rewards Points for everyone that signs up the Arts Channel Rewards Program!

No limits on how many people you can refer 😉

Take an online
Arts Course

Earn 5 Points per Course

Earn Rewards Points for signing up and completing an online Art Course!

Reward Points will be applied for every Course or Coaching program completed.

Become a Support Member

Earn 10 Points

Your support matters!

If you can, please help us sustain this important online Arts Community by becoming a Support Member.

It's a great way to stay updated with new programs, success stories, recognition & artist spotlights!

Plus Supporters receive advance notice on Marketplace specials!

Earn 5 Points

Reviews & Testimonials are very important to us!

Your feedback helps us improve, develop better experiences for our members, and ensures we deliver exceptional solutions and results.

Please take a moment to leave your feedback, using our quick and easy review form.

Submit an Art Walk Pic

Earn 1 Point per Pic

Add images of your Art Work to our Art Walk Gallery to Earn Rewards Point.

It's a great way to be recognized and share your creativity with the community!

Plus every month, the images with the most likes will win extra Points in our Art Walk Contest!

Earn 5 Points

Suggest an Art Instructor that might be a good fit for the Arts Channel!

If they subsequently come on board we'll reward YOU when they go live!

Earn 5 Points


So are we.

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Pay it Forward
Share on Social

Earn 1 Point per Share

Earn Rewards Points for Sharing on Facebook

From time to time we have select initiatives we need help sharing with the Arts Community.

Pay it Forward by sharing these initiatives and unlock your Rewards!

Engage with our
online Arts Community

Earn Various Points

Engage with members, Instructors and our Arts Channel team and Earn Points!

Engagement includes:
* Comments
* Like, add to your Favorites
* Complete a Quiz
* Participate in Contests
* Forum activities (coming soon) - Join Group, Post
or Moderate thread
* and More!


All points are non-expiring so you can redeem your Reward Points in the Arts Channel MarketPlace at your convenience.

Options will include online courses, products and services from participating Art Instructors too!

Learn More about how to  Become an Art Instructor!

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