About Face! Cleaning and Painting Animal Skulls


4 hours learning + applying skills





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All Levels

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Visual Arts


Animals, Painting

Be amazed by how beautifully you can revive the spirit of what were once living creatures

Defy death!
Use design to accentuate natural patterns
and shapes already present in animal skulls
to reveal its unique energy and past experiences.

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Join Heidi for a journey of creativity and expression as you learn about osteoart, honouring animals through painting.

Learn how to clean, prepare and paint on bone – with unlimited combination of patterns, colours and styles of skull painting.

Learn Heidi’s signature technique, which you can adopt to express your animal story in your own unique way.

* Pre-cleaned animal skulls will be available for a fee or you can clean one of your own. Students can expect to complete 1 small to medium piece during the online course.

Use the lessons you learn in this high energy workshop as a foundation to building your skull collection or for gifting to loved ones!

Use the course to meet and stay connected to like-minded artist who have a kindred spirit with animals too!

Who is the course for?

This course is General Interest, open to all levels of painting experience, and particularly for individuals that want to make peace with the loss of loved ones, including our beloved pets and animals.

Learning Outcomes:

“If you’ve always wanted to…

  • Learn to preserve and decorate animal bones and skulls
  • Develop your sense of creativity and your eye for patterns in nature
  • Produce quality work that is uniquely yours and honours your personal connection to animals and mother nature


“Then, here’s how I can help you:

  • Effectively clean and prepare bones for paint, as well as choose appropriate paints and mediums
  • Visualize the shapes and patterns present to accentuate the natural beauty of the skull and create a flow between elements to unify your work.
  • Procure, clean and paint beautiful animals skulls for use as interior decoration, jewelry and birdcage veils/fascinators”

Who is teaching this course?

Heidi is a self taught mixed media artist living in Metchosin, BC.

Having worked with horses for most of her life, she finds inspiration from animals and nature. In 2016, Heidi started painting on bones, later learning to clean skulls, literally facing her fear of death. Canvases were often donated by farmer friends. She loves getting damaged skulls that are less valuable to others, but allow for the most artistic interpretation. Using sewing machine and Harley Davidson parts, Heidi created a series of cyborgs, another way to reuse what was once unwanted.

Heidi develops a piece by sitting with the skull and accentuating natural patterns and shapes already present. The design that develops represents the skull’s own unique energy and that animal’s past experiences.

Learning Path

About Face! Cleaning and Painting Animal Skulls

Learn how to clean, prepare and paint on bone - with unlimited combination of patterns, colours and styles of skull painting.

Course FAQs & Prerequisites

What Students are saying

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This course includes:

20 proactive, easy-to-digest 3-30 minute videos
Step-by-step guides
Assignments to apply your new skills
Actionable and personal feedback on your ideas
Articles, reading references and resources
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About Face! Cleaning and Painting Animal Skulls

Course Frequently Asked Questions

Be open and willing to think out of the box. Have a positive attitude, and know that there are no mistakes. You will be amazed at the inspiration and creativity within you!
I think that everyone is creative in some way or another. We are all individuals and have our own way of thinking, seeing and doing that is unique to us. Art is just a way for you to share your thoughts, feelings and vision with others. I’m happy to help guide you in discovering your creative spirit!
Drawing skills are not necessary for this course, if you can draw basic shapes (circle, square, triangle) you will be able to not only complete this project but will gain the skills to feel comfortable enough to continue with painting skulls after the workshop.
A limited number of cleaned skulls are available for purchase on the Arts Channel Marketplace.
There is no need to clean a skull to paint, they are available commercially online. A small part of my online workshop is dedicated to sourcing/cleaning skulls but it is not necessary that you source and clean your own specimen.
I am also an animal lover and have never killed an animal. My love of animals is in fact my motivation for giving them a second life as a piece of art. I smudge the skulls when I paint them, thanking the animal for what they have done for humans, apologizing for any human wrongdoing and allowing the smoke to clear away any negative energy in the bones. All the skulls are a bi product of another industry or have died naturally.
How exciting! I have only been painting on skulls since 2014 and also doubted my abilities in the beginning. I come from a family of artists, and always thought my efforts were laughable compared to my husband, mom and brother. All my life I have loved making things (baking, sewing dog outfits etc..) and just needed to explore a few artistic avenues to find my happy place. I hope you will find it as inspiring as I have!
The Arts Channel is a great way for you to get your feet wet! “About Face!” has been developed for all levels of artists, including those who have never taken a class before. I’ll be walking you through all the steps on video and with PDFs that you have access to. I’m also available for any one on one help needed. Bring your playful spirit and join the skull painting community!
Unless otherwise noted, supplies & materials are not provided. It is the student's responsibility to purchase all necessary art materials for a course. A complete list of materials and supplies will be provided for all enrolled students.
The course access is for 6 months from the day you sign up. You will have permanent use for all of the course downloads, worksheets and resources though.
Due to the digital nature of our online courses, all sales are final.

Course Materials & Supplies Required Include:

List of Tools – Mandatory:

  • Animal Skull, cleaned or not (cleaned skulls can be purchased from Heidi Skulls on Arts channel Site with your course enrollment)
  • Molotow Acrylic Art markers 1.5mm- 1 x black, 1 x white or Golden liquid acrylics and matte medium (for design/ detail work)
  • Spray paint and/ or various acrylic or liquid acrylics or gouache & ink (for base painting)
  • Nail art brush (fineliner)
  • Assorted acrylic brushes
  • Disposable brush for glue application (if using metal leaf)
  • Painter’s tape or liquid latex
  • Sketch book & preferred drawing tools


If skull is not pre cleaned:

  • Rubbermaid bin- suitable size for the size of the animal
  • Water
  • Dawn dish soap
  • Peroxide or oxy clean powder
  • Used toothbrush
  • Exacto knife


Additional Tools – Suggested:

  • Molotow Acrylic marker in Chrome (not silver) 1mm
  • Molotow 1.5mm other colours
  • Inks, gouache, acrylic paints (mixing metallic, matte and glossy finishes)
  • Crystals, bits of metal, wood, feathers or other inspiring supplies you may like to add to your skulls
  • Disposable brush for glue application (if using metal leaf)
  • Metal leaf and Size
  • Protective mask for spray paint and bone cleaning if applicable
  • Latex gloves
  • Apron

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Heidi Skulls

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