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We believe that the dynamic pulse of Vancouver Island lives right here on the West Shore: active, creative lifestyles, beautiful open spaces, strong economic growth, a family-friendly community spirit, great public amenities and support services.

Our GoWestShore publications exist to inspire people to participate more often in all that is truly special and worthwhile about the West Shore. It’s our time to be proud of what we’ve accomplished and find ways to work together to make the future even better.

Get involved,
it’s your time to shine!

GoWestShore Publications Overview for 2019

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Big Impact Ads – Mid Level Budget

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Inspire & Connect with Local Leads

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Digital Ads

Digital Advertising opportunities throughout the GoWestShore Interactive Portal are now available!

This is perfect for organizations that want to laser target their efforts, leverage special events or initiatives that are showcased throughout the portal.

Digital Display Ads options are Rotational or Exclusive.  And we have digital Ad programs to fit all budgets!

Let our creative team build your organization a rich media campaign using custom ads formats, embedding your social media, video and interactive images.

All ad programs come with detailed analytic reports too.

For Digital Ads Inquiries call 778-400-3955 or complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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High Clicks + Drive Traffic with Deals

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Target Local Leads with Economy Budget

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High Clicks + Exclusive

Pin Your Message in Upper Right of all Pages!

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Premium Positioning + Mid Level Budget

Authentic Leads sent to your booking engine!

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Fundraising Essentials + Entry Level Budget

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Realtor campaigns for one or multiple properties

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Social Stream Ads

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Video Ads

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Big Impact + Premium Positioning or Run of Site

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#GoWestShore Concierge Map

Now in it’s 3rd Year. The West Shore has it’s own exclusive cartographic map! Coinciding with Canada’s historic sesquicentennial anniversary in 2017, we published an attractive visual map of the West Shore to help foster a proud, united identity for the Community & create a legacy for future generations.

Strategic Partners, Hotel & Hospitality Networks and Community Stakeholders across the Capital Region are now promoting the West Shore by circulating the #GoWestShore Concierge Map to Victoria-bound tourists as well as residents throughout the Capital Region. The map is highly engaging with iconic highlights of architectural buildings, parks & funky attraction markers. Collectively these elements along with business ads around the outer parameter are poised to help tell “Our Story” and encourage users to extend their stay, to explore the West Shore’s world-class lifestyle and public, cultural, sport & commercial amenities. Feedback has been tremendous with visitors saying they love their experience so much they want to return to play, invest and live in our family-friendly, business-oriented West Shore community.

GoWestShore Concierge Map Distribution Network

  • Strategic Partners & Advertisers
  • Tourism Victoria
  • Greater Victoria Hotel & Hospitality Network
  • Tourist Info Centres
  • Municipalities & Community Stakeholders
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Victoria International Airport
  • Major Sports and Cultural Attractions
  • Local Events & Activities

If you have a West Shore business or organization and would like it to be in included on the map, give us a call today!

If you would like a pad of Concierge Maps for your front desk or reception, just let us know and we will have some dropped off!

Custom Map

Custom Maps

Need a custom map to help share your Vision, Legacy or History?

We have an exciting opportunity that utilizes the entire inset area on our Concierge Print Map that can be customized for your organizations needs.

Perfect for:

  • Real Estate and Developers
  • Organizations with big plans for celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday
  • Hosting Large Events, International or National championships
  • Showcasing Cultural and Historical Milestone
  • Unique Places and Spaces

For Custom Map Quotes

Call 778-400-3955

Interactive Portal

More than a Directory. Why we need a collaboration Portal

What better way to showcase the West Shore’s public, cultural & commercial amenities to visitors and those interested in utilizing the goods, services and infrastructure our communities have invested in than an Interactive Portal.

While the West Shore is one of the fastest growing regions on Vancouver Island and BC, one thing that makes this challenging is that the players, amenities and offerings change, improve and grow just as quickly.

Right now is the second time in the past decade that the West Shore has seen an influx of new businesses, developments, neighbourhoods and more recently schools, community centers and world class sports facilities. This time however, there is a confidence in the air about the economic sustainability, which is in itself, a magnet for even more businesses and organizations to want to invest and not miss out on the “opportunity”.

At the end of the day, in order for our communities to fully benefit, we all need to be pulling in the same direction. Organizations and stakeholders need to collaborate. Municipalities and businesses need to be leaders first. Residents and visitors need to be informed and support local.

GoWestShore Membership

GoWestShore & automatically increase your odds!

#GoWestShore can help contribute to the economic stimulus of the West Shore communities and stakeholders through it’s collaboration infrastructure and marketing strategies. Businesses and investors that come onboard already know that in order to get something out of the community, it is essential to give to the community.

#GoWestShore is committed to lead this initiative and work with the business community and municipal leaders to ensure this collaboration is a success story. Our goal is to maximize the exposure of participating partners so that they see more traffic, promote and encourage the use of the portal members goods & services to build loyalty, and ultimately generate a positive economic return on investment to stakeholders. Organizations of all sizes can become collaboration partners, and as the #GoWestShore portal grows, the leverage and results will increase exponentially.

You get all the benefits without having to be the expert

As the tsunami of opportunity comes onto our West Shores, every organization will still need to be sought and discovered.

#GoWestShore gives you the offline and online infrastructure and tools to ensure users quickly and easily find what they are looking for in one convenient place.

And the good news is that organizations that have lacked the resources or know how (to  build and maintain an online presence) now have a level playing field. The #GoWestShore team has the talent and experience required to maintain the portal on behalf of all members eliminating your hassle, expense and risk.

Your portal is an important asset, providing many benefits and eliminating the trials of going it alone. You will no longer need to worry about how to keep pace with technology, or whether you meet the criteria and requirements that search engines demand making search and find even possible (like mobile responsiveness, SSL certification, SEO optimization).

Your portal presence extends beyond getting found with capabilities of e-commerce, communications, voting and reviews, social sharing, tracking & analytics and so much more.

How our #GoWestShore Portal works

Everyone knows that its impossible to stop a tsunami right? So why bother, join the wave and be part of the energy. The biggest bonus of being in a collaborative portal is that the tide rises all boats!  When big things happen for one of our members, when an event, occasion or celebration happens in our community, or when a great idea or initiative sprouts, you can count on some of that love falling onto others.

Leverage the #GoWestShore Initiative and take your business or organization to a new level.


  1. Standard Membership includes:
  • One profile listing in the GoWestShore online directory with custom search capabilities for users to find you by category, location, amenities or keywords.
  • All profiles include key contact info, content area for your Offers, Specials, Promotions, hours of operation, areas to include your Social Links, multiple Images, 1 Video, 3D imaging, a built in Contact Form that sends user queries directly to you, ability for Users to rate you by Star Ratings & post Reviews along with an image (moderated), Geo-Location with Map Marker and Directions from current position or another address (with direction options via multiple transportation modes), Social Media sharing, Add to Favourites, and much more.
  • Standard Memberships and Directory Listings are renewed annually, or based on the ad term if shorter.
  • NOTE: Members that purchase an Ad Program in any #GoWestShore Publication automatically receive a #GoWestShore Standard Membership & Directory Listing as a FREE Bonus.

2. Featured Listing Membership Upgrade includes:

  • Members can upgrade their standard directory listing to a Featured Listing which will provide additional visibility on the portal.
  • Featured listings are highlighted in a variety of high profile page areas. Featured Listings will be placed into selected areas and pages by the administrator based on category, amenity, or location and displayed with other related Featured Listings.
  • In some cases #GoWestShore will showcase special events, public places or new neighbourhoods and may select topically relevant Featured Listings to be included.
  • Featured Membership Upgrade is only available to members who already have a Standard membership and are also renewed annually.

3. Listing Add-ons (al a carte):

  • Extra Standard Listing – Perfect for organizations that have multiple locations. Extra profile listings include everything that comes with a standard listing.
  • Extra Listing Search Category – Essential if your organization has multiple departments, divisions or key revenue drivers.
  • Events – Let the community know about your special events.  Event listings are Free, and you have the option of upgrading for our Event Ticket sales module

Stay tuned for cool Portal Features coming in 2019 that can enhance your organization, profile and listing even more:

  • Coupons & Special Flash Offers
  • e-Commerce to sell goods & services directly from within your profile
  • Take Reservations / Appointment Bookings
  • Live Cam to stream your event or locations current activities
  • #GoPass to offer social users an incentive when showing the badge at your organization

Click the Order tab above to join GoWestShore and connect your organization today!

For assistance or to book a demo please call 778-400-3955



GAP Publishing Group Inc. can provide an array of services to assist your organization with:

  • Publishing Services
  • Digital & Design Services
  • Video Production
  • Website & Social Media Services
  • Marketing Services
  • Branding
  • SEO
  • Ecommerce Packages for Tours, Attractions, Events
  • and more!

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I have no words!
Name of Publication/Program: : Ad & Contest Program
Satisfaction with Results: : Smashing
Satisfaction with Service: : Exceptional

I have no words! None! The ad and contest you put together for my Production Event is beautiful.

Thank you for your incredible kindness, support, generosity, and sincere appreciation of the work. Your time and effort spent on this comes with much gratitude. The whole thing is quite smashing! You have certainly built something very special there and should be incredibly proud. The recognition and value in what you do and what you have accomplished so far is quite exceptional I must say. In other words you're a force and I have not doubt our business relationship going forward will grow from here.

Mass hug to you Anne Marie.

Tony James
Renee James Productions

Took our business to another level
Name of Publication/Program: : Contributing Writer
Satisfaction with Results: : Beyond Expectations
Satisfaction with Service: : Amazing & Professional

I would like to thank you and your team for your patience and hard work on helping promote our new business, The Artisans Garden. We met with Anne earlier in the year and she really helped me with ideas on how to get our business exposure up. The amazing article you wrote in May was a real kick off for our second season, We learned that people from all over the island had heard about us through your beautiful magazine. I would highly recommend small businesses advertise in GoWestShore. Anne, Patricia and Gwen, you have each been a positive and amazingly patient, and professional team to work with. It is easy for small business to think its impossible to afford such advertising, however between the online presence, the beautiful magazine, and social media you helped take our business to another level. I'm so glad I broke the barrier of "I can't afford it" as it honestly has been the best money spent so far on advertising. Thank You and I look forward to another season.

Gwen Fisher, Owner
The Artisans Garden

GoWestShore is long overdue in the region
Name of Publication/Program: : Contributing Writer
Satisfaction with Results: : Outstanding
Satisfaction with Service: : Excellent

Camosun Culinary Arts is excited and proud to contribute to this West Shore showcase through our monthly food column. As an education facility that teaches cooks and future culinarians across the food realm, we see the growth and vibrancy that is happening in this rapidly expanding community.

The West Shore provides many of our students a place to live, learn, work and play; therefore, it makes perfect sense to have our successes and insights shared through this vibrant new publication.

We have received many wonderful comments and reviews from a wide range of readers and everyone agrees that GoWestShore is long overdue in the region and moving forward provides an outstanding platform to share images and stories of people and businesses in the area.

I have no hesitation in recommending the publication based on the professionalism, knowledge and experience demonstrated and delivered at every opportunity by the Anne Marie and Gwen along with the rest of the excellent team.

Steve Walker-Duncan, M.Ed., CCC
Program Chair, Culinary Arts
Camosun College

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