A SafeStart for Families with New Drivers

A SafeStart for Families with New Drivers

By Kate Wells, Director of Operations, DriveWise BC

Is your teen ready to get behind the wheel? Many parents find it stressful to take on the responsibility of teaching their child to drive. It’s an exciting time for a family but the process of learning to drive can cause friction, stress and safety concerns for all involved. DriveWise has developed a free SafeStart Parent workshop to help parents get off on the right foot and make teaching their child to drive a positive experience for their family.

More than 90% of teens in BC learn to drive without taking even one driving lesson. Whether teens are learning solely from a parent or they are enrolled in professional driving lessons, they need lots of practice time with an experienced driver who feels comfortable with co-driving. We created SafeStart Parent with an aim to reduce anxiety, help families to be safer on the road and to make the experience more fun.

The free two-hour seminars are offered on a monthly basis at each of our locations. They are led by one of our expert driving instructors and designed to help parents gain driver-teaching skills before they begin co-driving with their teenager. Parents learn the best strategies for teaching teens to become good drivers, how to help new drivers avoid common mistakes, communications advice as well as refreshers on driving techniques, defensive driving and rules-of-the-road.

Need more help? Try the one-hour co-driving lesson for parents or contact the team at DriveWise with your questions about teaching your teen to drive.

You can find Kate or her father Arther at locations in West Shore and Saanich — Call 250-475-0666.

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