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8 Ways to Enjoy Summer— Even If You’re Working!

8 Ways to Enjoy Summer— Even If You’re Working!

Message from the Editor, 
Anne Marie Moro

Anne Marie Moro,

“A perfect summer day is when the
sun is shining, the breeze is blowing,
the birds are singing, and the
lawn mower is broken.”

— James Denton, Humourist

As you’ve probably observed, it’s summer! Don’t just sit staring at that stock image of a beach on your office computer screen and day dreaming about a weekend escape. That can be discouraging! Why not try out a few of these fun pick-me-ups to make summer come to you!

1. Make your favourite fruit-infused drink and leave a batch in the office fridge. Nothing like colourful drinks to make everything feel more poolside. Lemon slice, anyone?

2. Eat lunch outside instead of at your desk. It’s a simple trick that’ll ensure you don’t miss out on some rays and your daily dose of Vitamin D, the mood enhancer.

3. Anyone in your office interested in a Friday ‘Frozen Treat Happy Hour’? As they  say, “You can’t buy happiness, but you can eat ice cream—and that’s basically the same thing.”

4. While you’re outside, tune into a compilation of summer songs from the past 20 years from Spotify. Close your eyes and think beach.

5. Brighten your desk with a ‘happy light’ to make you feel more like you’re outdoors.

6. Bring in a plant—and some fresh O2 into your work space. You’ll actually feel a little better if you can see some green. Something with a bloom would be a bonus.

7. Embrace summer in the office with a little style and flair. Even with a company dress code, you can still find ways to add flashes of colour to your wardrobe. Nothing says summer better than tropical fabrics, open-toe shoes and bright, colourful accessories.

8. If possible, start coming in an hour earlier so you can leave earlier to enjoy the late-afternoon and early evening sunshine.

Summer is a ‘limited-edition’ season. If we don’t stop to look and see what’s happening, we could miss out on local summer events altogether. For that reason, we have made a special effort to compile a host of things you can do in this ‘Sizzling Summer’ issue and in our Community Events section beginning on page 26. Participate whenever you can in some of these outstanding summer events—concerts and festivals, a wine tour, a warm summer evening at the ball park, at varied art and craft shows and food markets

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