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2018 Interior Design Trends

2018 Interior Design Trends

By Maria G. Uriegas-Leupelt, RID, IDIBC, IDC, Owner of Sunlight Interiors
Interior Design Article - Livingroom

The interior trends for 2018 reflect our desire to make choices that are more in harmony with our environment, and which promote health.

Another important part of the trend is to be fiscally responsible. We believe that ‘beautiful’ does not have to be outrageously expensive, and further believe that ostentation is not in the best of tastes.

Therefore the design ideas of years past, which included overdone interior finishes, furniture, and draperies, have fallen out of favour in recent years.

Today’s design has clean architectural lines, gives special attention to comfort and function, intelligent and creative interior partitioning, and multi-layered illumination. Non-toxic finishes and good ventilation are a  requirement. Ergonomic considerations and comfort level in furniture are decisive factors. The use of reclaimed, as well as new, eco-friendly materials are an important part of the new trend.

Open space plans that incorporate the kitchen into the living spaces are here to stay, and becoming even more sophisticated and well integrated. The cabinetry looks well in tune with the furniture choices. In fact, they do look like furniture! Clear coated natural woods, or stains that run toward the charcoal tones, are the fashionable too.

In colour choices, the white of 2016 and the gray and purple of 2017 are giving way to a palette that may still contain some elements of gray, but offers options in tones of natural stone beige and light taupe. Accent colours will run from Poinsettia Red to Cranberry Cocktail, and Warm Clay.

Purchases of original art by B.C. artists and quality limited editions are considered smart investments that will provide enjoyment, and hold or increase their value. Less pieces of higher quality will always get my vote.

While I will always discuss the trends with my clients, I also advise them to use trends as reference points for awareness only. My recommendations are based on who you are, what your preferences are, what satisfies your needs, what supports your activities, provides comfort, and represents your viewpoints. Consider what your highest priority is when deciding which choices will meet your goals and suit your budget best.

I would like to invite you to call me to discuss your plans for a new home or renovation. I would be delighted to provide a preliminary meeting with my compliments. You can reach me using the contact information on our Portal listing.

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