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10 Great Careers in Demand


10 Great Careers in Demand

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Job Trends Software Engineer

For the next 5 years, many in- demand jobs in BC (and the rest of Canada) are ones that offer great earning opportunities. As a result, now is an excellent time for younger Canadians to explore new career paths. I’ve selected career areas that are in especially high demand in BC, have a high number of expected job openings and an on-going shortage of qualified workers to fill them.

1. Registered Nurse
With baby boomers reaching retirement age and the median age of registered nurses at about 42 years
of age, nursing will continue to be in demand for years to come. In fact, until 2024, there could be a shortage of more than 25,000 registered nurses across the country, especially in small rural towns and remote communities.

Median hourly wage: $36
Entry-level education: Bachelor’s degree and registration with a provincial or territorial regulatory authority.

2. Truck Driver
Truck driving is another career that will need workers to replace those who are currently hauling commercial
goods across the country. The median age of transport truck drivers now is around 47 years old. Canada could be short almost 27,000 truckers during the period from 2015 to 2024.1 From 2018 to 2028, it’s estimated that our province alone could have about 9,170 truck driver job openings.

Median hourly wage: $21
Typical entry-level education: Completion of truck driver training; must also obtain appropriate licensing and endorsements.

3. College or Vocational Instructor
Retirement rates among the current instructor workforce is growing; half of the workforce is over the age of
46. During the 2015-to-2024 period, Canada could be short more than 6,000 instructors.1

Median hourly wage: $35
Entry-level education: Ranges from diploma, combined with related industry experience, to a Master’s degree.

Job Trends Male Nurse
Job Trends Business Consultant

4. Business Management Consultant
In an expanding global marketplace, businesses often hire management consultants to help them be more productive. In the years ahead, the labour gap in this field is expected to be around 5,000 workers.1

Median hourly wage: $34.62
Entry-level education: Business-related diploma or Bachelor’s degree, combined with relevant industry experience.

Close up welder in factory welding automotive part

5. Welder
Welding is a high demand job, largely due to new job growth in the manufacturing and fabrication sectors, and in the fabricated metal products industry.4 Welders who possess fitting skills, who can use a variety of techniques (like FCAW, GMAW, GTAW, and SMAW), and read plans and blueprints are expected to be in the highest demand.

Median hourly wage: $24.02
Entry-level education: Completion of vocational training or an apprenticeship program; trade certification may also be required.

Job Trends Aerospace Engineer

8. Aircraft Pilot
Air pilots in Canada enjoy some of the highest-paying, in-demand jobs in the country. From 2015 to 2024, up to 3,800 positions may not get filled due to a lack of skilled workers.1 That estimate includes pilots as well as air traffic, marine, and railway controllers.

Median hourly wage: $37
Entry-level education: Completion of pilot training; must also obtain appropriate pilot licensing.

6. Software Engineer or Designer
This high-tech field will always have more job openings than qualified workers to fill them. Some openings will replace workers who move into management, sales, or higher-level engineering positions. Additionally, growth in sectors like computer, telecommunications, mobile technology as well as machinery and equipment manufacturing sectors could drive up the demand.

Median hourly wage: $43.27
Entry-level education: Bachelor’s degree.

7. Aerospace Engineer
The aerospace engineering labour force could be short by 2,900 workers, largely due to the anticipated growth in the aerospace manufacturing sector, that currently employs 72 percent of aerospace engineers.4
Along with industry growth, jobs could also open up due to workers retiring, being promoted, and moving on to other positions.

Median hourly wage: $42.79
Entry-level education: Bachelor’s degree and possibly provincial or territorial licensing.

happy female apothecary with drug at pharmacy

9. Pharmacist
With the aging population, and more retail stores offering pharmaceutical services, the demand for qualified pharmacists in Canada continues to grow. Over half of the 11,300 job openings for pharmacists between 2015 and 2024 will come from retirements.2 This is a field with enormous potential in Canada over the next few years.

Median hourly wage: $46.87
Entry-level education: Bachelor’s degree and registration with a provincial or regulatory authority.

10. Construction Estimator
New construction projects will keep growing in number across Canada, along with construction expansions and renovations. A labour shortage of 1,200 workers is predicted from 2015 to 2024 due to an aging work force.1

Median hourly wage: $29
Entry-level education: Certificate or diploma; Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (CIQS) certification.

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